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... whew ...
2004-10-28 - 3:14 p.m.

Wuv, twroo wuv

Congrats to Calli and Drea, now happily married. The wedding was lovely, even entertaining. Imagine the bride and crowd cheering during the homily. The bride was lovely, the groom charming, the bridesmaids looked great, lots of hairspray in the coifitures. The reception was lovely, but perhaps we shouldn't have sat by the DJ and speakers. Eh. It was nice when Frank was played, but less so during the Boot Scoot Boogie. There was lots of fun dancing to songs of almost every genre: OutKast to Meatloaf. All in all, it was great to see friends, and to see two friends very much in love pledge themselves to one another. Best wishes to you both.

Monday I remember not at all, but Tuesday was truly without compare. I walk into the hall to my office to see my office torn asunder. The bookshelves and everything I carefully arranged were out in the hallway. Oh, Mr. Ire was raised immediately. So I stick my head into the room and look at the crew chief and ask: Um, Hi. What are you doing?

I see the new desk I requested, and never got notice that I would receive, sitting in the hallway next to my old desk pieces. Chief says that Weasel told them to put my desk in a certain place so they had to move everything else around to accomodate it.

eyebrows raise

I mutter something to the effect of damming the Weasel to purgatory and ask politely if we could just put the new desk where the old desk was and leave everything else the way it was? The reason is due to the layout of the desk, it is a left facing L, not right facing. I say that I don't care, I'll make it work, I like the layout of the office the way I had it and please make it so. Chief is cool. He knows I'm livid with the Weasel, and the crew apparently finds that amusing. Well who wouldn't. I swear that the Weasel did it on purpose to piss me off.

I thank the crew for changing the plan and run off to a meeting and return to a desk set up the way I want it. Mind you I have to spend practically the rest of the day putting my office back together, and since I didn't know they were tearing stuff apart they had to pack up my stuff and I had to find it all again. And put my stuff back up on the walls, which did at least give me the release of using the hammer. Oh, and I'm glad I know how a computer goes together, because I am surprised at how may folks do not, since I got to reclaim my computer from the pile of random plastic parts on the floor. sigh.

Then I get a small prick to my pride, which is really okay because it reminds me of the admirable trait of humility, something I don't practice often enough. It's actually rather a nice release to realize and own that you're not as good as you think you are, you aren't as bad as you think you were, but that all things will come in their own time.

So I take a break and use my screwdriver to remove the useless keyboard tray that comes with said new desk. Everybody removes these things. I'm not sure why they waste the time and energy to put them on the desk, except to give the inmates something to do. Seriously, State Use Industries. I also take out the little desk drawer that I don't need to give me more leg room. Then I notice that one of the sets of drawers on the new desk is locked, and I don't have the key.


place call to Weasel...

Hi. I wanted to thank you for the new desk. I did want it where the old one was, so I had the workers place it to my liking... insert weasel whining about the wrong facing of the L, and the return, blah blah ... It's okay. I made it work just fine. By the way one of the drawer units is locked and the keys I have don't work... stew... read off #s on locks, hope for the best. I still haven't heard back. I think I need to learn how to pick a lock. I don't need them to lock again, but I'd like to be able to use the drawers. sigh.

Then something else extremely minor irritates me, but luckily sweet Byram was my hero and fixed it. It shouldn't bother me, but it did.

I take this irritating day as a sign and take off work early to go visit the National Cathedral with Theo for Evesong and Labyrinth walking. Oh boy were these minutes of peace required at the end of such a day.

The voices of the choir girls and the power of the organ pipes was awe inspiring. I left my glasses in the truck since I forgot I had my sunglasses on, so I just closed my eyes and listened and occasionally opened my eyes to the play of color and light on stone from the setting sun through the windows. Next time we will get there in time to actually sit in the choir for the service.

Then we return to outside for the setting sun and a walk around while the weather is still seasonable. Yes, the remaining roses were still lovely and fragrant, the squirrels active and cute, the rosy hues of the setting sun enough to lift even the heaviest heart.

We return to the comforting darkness of the cathedral to walk the labyrinth to harp music and peace. I can't recommend it highly enough, should you have the chance. It is such a wonderful form of meditation. It provides release, centering, and much much more. Heck, I even printed out a copy of the Chartres Labyrinth to tack up on my office wall to follow when needed. Sadly, the need came sooner than I expected.

Afterwards, Theo discovers the Feed My Sheep banner and calls P to tell her while we get on the road to dinner. I set her to be the food radar while I drive out of the city. We are struck by the cool faux-sandstone structure after Nebraska and Wisconsin and decide to gamble and stumble into Neisha Thai Cuisine. The food was lovely, yummy (if fishy) Salmon rolls with roe and a lovely sweet soy sauce, roasted duck and comfort food- Pad Thai. The decor was faboo. And the company was without compare.

Of course then Gen played the part of distracted driver to Theo's fascinating conversation, and we go too far on Nebraska and run into Oregon and Rock Creek Park. With a little help from the map, and some dead reckoning, we find 410, and take it to 29 and home. It's always nice to toss in a little adventure driving when you're not in a hurry to be somewhere. See the sights, even if they are dark at the time. After re-reading this paragraph I realize that anyone who doesn't know DC roads will think I'm crazy. It's okay, I've become accustomed.

Tuesday ended quite the opposite of how it began, with a happy belly, contented heart and curled up with a good book.

Wednesday dawned like any other day. But when I went into work, I got the ominous warning about a pissed off faculty member. The email I receive from him is merely asking for clarification so I respond with my answer.
Oh my.
His response is full of venom and quotes me out of context while copying others from his department.
Oh my.
Oh my.
It's a cultural thing, a seniority thing, and he's obviously upset at something in the institution and taking it out on me.
Oh my.
I respond with an apology that I offended him and a small bit more information regarding my intent and direction. I wisely copy my boss on this second response, and warn him with an IM of Incoming....

So, the funny thing is that what I am most worried about is that the others he copied with my out of context quotes, the others I have to have a good working relationship with, will not get the full context of my comments. I am frustrated by our obvious inability to communicate, and while I briefly, very briefly considered replying counterpoint to point, I'm glad I didn't. I was working to defuse the bomb, not detonate it. So 3 co-workers came in to my office at various times to console me and let me know that it's most definitely him, not me. One being my boss, one being his. Apparently I should join the bomb squad cause it seemed to work even if I didn't get an apology for his outburst. sigh. I need it not, I'm just glad he's not going to accost me in the hallway.

It's fine-ish now. Except that folks are still on my side telling me that he owes me an apology, which I certainly do not expect. And I'm also getting that I shouldn't have apologized to him because it reinforces that he can get away with this behavior.
Sometimes it's like herding cats and one of them just peed on the bed.

At least the Red Sox won the World Series. Very Cool! Alan actually stayed up to watch the game, glad he did. Something about those weird Bostonians and their Baseball team. I, in great sacriledge, watch the Daily Show where Jon Stewart kept telling the audience that they weren't missing anything, turn to the game, really. Hee hee.

Today was a Starbucks morning, and I don't even drink coffee, really. It's just been recovering from the first half of the week. I feel like it should be Friday, but it's not. Which is good really. I have too much left to do this work week for it to be Friday. I do get to sing tonight, so I've got something to look forward to.

I'm not going anywhere this weekend. I plan to sew, and do laundry as I was too wiped to do it last night, and maybe Alan and I will do some yard work, depending on the weather and energy levels. For some reason I'm just not in the Halloween mood, which is odd considering that I normally love this time of year. Heck, I don't even want to give candy to children. Tempted to turn off the lights, hide in the basement, avoid the world. So, actually I'm in a pretty good mood to fit the holiday, but not to celebrate it.

Next week I am off to New Orleans for the Macromedia Conference, MAX 2004. This I am looking forward to, lots of cool classes to take, and hello, it's Nawlins! I really should e-mail my aunt and let her know I'll be in town.

there you go...


Oh, I almost forgot...

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