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yay, n'stuff
2004-10-12 - 5:06 p.m.


New space:

Well, I am finally getting an office here at work.  Yay!  I switched jobs and moved here over a year and a half ago and one of the perks was supposed to be an office.  All of my equal co-workers have offices.  But alas, none was forthcoming for me.  Until they re-org'd folks, and moved two ladies to another building.  I was waiting for the dust to settle before putting in a claim on one of the now available offices, but luckily my Russian co-worker put in the reminder to our boss for me.  So, I have to wait for IT to move my phone and hook up my computer there, and then I'll be home free. 

I spent a few hours today rearranging furniture in it so it is more spacious and more functional for me than the previous inhabitant had it.  There is something so satisfying about doing just a little bit of physical labor in moving furniture to get just the right space.  I shifted 3-6ft tall 36" bookcases, the desk, the filing cabinet, and moved out the occasional table, stupid cramped PC desk, and extra bookcase.  And many thanks to Dionne I found a visitor chair that rocks, a thin console table to give me horizontal space, and swapped the file cabinet.  It will be my own little 10'7" x 11'3" slice of seclusion and heaven.  I just need to bring in a few lamps from home, and something else to make it a little more homey.  Perhaps a run to IKEA for file baskets, cute lamps, a small table and a magnetic whiteboard or something.  Oh, heavens, I could just burst.  The one thing is that it could use a better desk, but all the other ones in the attic were too big or beat up.  Perhaps I'll explore the use of decorative contact paper to cover up some of the less desirable features...  Oh, also needs an area rug, and a small fan.  I mean, if I'm to spend 8 hours a day here, might as well make it a good environment, right?


I had a blast at Crusades.  Got to work in the morning with Ella and Ilse and others at the MoL table.  It was so cute the fighters who lumbered directly up from the cabins that we had to direct to the other side of the table for armored combat sign in.  You try saying Facing the Field You're Fighting On five times fast.  Most folks were nice and pie signing in.  Only a few Easterners with problems, two expired cards.  I made a minor goof with having young waterbearers sign in, but other than that, not so bad.  Ella was also a champ and provided slug sandwiches of turkey, roast beef, and other nummy stuff.  And Ilse provided buckeyes and the oddly addictive chai covered almonds from Trader Joe's, or something.  Once things settled down, I went on walkabout to see the A&S, visit with a few folks, sign the Gyrth card, and then hijack it and take it about the event some for others to sign.  Glad the card was well received by Their Graces.  Then was the shopping.  Oh, fabric.  Bought fabric.  Not that I need more fabric, but fabric followed me home.  Besides, good wool is so hard to find online.  I checked back to the table a couple of times, but I find it hard to reconcile sitting at a table all day when there is nothing to track on the off chance that there are late authorizations.   We were bums and decided not to stick around for a late court since we daytripped and I had several pounds of ribs and salmon waiting for us at home.  I hope we weren't too missed at Court.  I'm sure TRM are not only fabulous, but forgiving as well. ;)  Heck, I'm sure no one even noticed.


And the 4 pounds of salmon, and the 5 pounds of ribs beckoned us homeward.  My sweet Alan was tired, so I drove the truck home, and got us there in good time.  Luckily Thjora Dogsittersdottir was at the house and had started the ribs, so we slowly got changed and working on dinner.  Ella and Evja were funny with the roasting of the potatoes.  We almost forgot to make the salmon, which was great for leftovers last night.  So we had a Caesar salad for starters and then Corby's dry rub ribs, with roasted rosemary red potatoes, steamed and cheesed asparagus, and walnut crusted salmon for dinner.  We did fit 9 folks around the dinner table, which was a bit more comfortable than the 11 from Friday night's Alyce and Freddy catering service.  Mmm... still have left over BBQ chicken and pork from that.  Finally we worked more on Ella's superb pear pie and cheesecake for dessert.  And then Mr. Food Coma came for a visit and we all sought the lowest gravity in the living room and stared at the fish tank until the sleep vibes overtook us and only the fear of waking up to a cold puppy nose on toes gave us the last gasp to go to bed. 


yep, it did. 
We had breakfast of chicken and apple sausages and scrambled cheesy eggs, and a lovely sit down meal.  Then Bob, Roland, and Alyce came over to fight with Thjora and Aedan in the backyard, so Thjora wasn't completely deprived of fighting for the weekend.  I think there was also some Evja spear time, Roland and Corby Polearm stuff, and other random SCA martial arts around the pond.  We also got the dulcet tones of the AoD on her mandolin.  I made a double batch of brownies (from a box, hello, it's me!) which folks scarfed up before they were done.  Thjora was the wise one who combined fudge brownie with mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I tried that last night, it was lovely!  When we got folks on the road, Gen napped and Alan went to get fish.  Then we watched the new cute fish get acclimated, and then ordered Outback takeaway for dinner and watched a movie on TV.  Mona Lisa Smile.  sigh.  I was foolishly hoping for more laughs.  Way too much drama, phooey ending.  Should have just popped in a DVD, but oh well.


So, I have discovered a new form of geekiness.  Fish Geeking.  Alan and David got to fish geek on Thursday night, and again last night when he dropped off regalia decorations from the Crusades hall.  Alan used his AWS day off to move the fish from the 65 to the now 90 gallon tank in the living room.  So far the angelfish and cardinal tetras seems to get along with the rainbow fish and tiger barbs.  We were a little worried about the nippiness of the Tiger barbs, but they seem to be keeping their distance from the stand-offish angelfish for now.  So with the 65 gal tank free of fish, the cichlid tank plan went into effect.  Alan tore down the 65 and moved it to the basement and set it up with pretty rocks and few plants for the new fish, cichlids.  Note, not chiclets.  The new fish were added and are so cute!  There are orange fish, blue fish, spotty fish, stripey fish (both horizontal and vertical stripey) and even a plaid fish or two.  yay, fish.  It also gives us an odd glowing light in the corner of the space bar where the dalek used to live.  Hey, anyone want a dalek?  Negotiate price with Bob.  You must pick up. 


We had our first play of the season last Wed.  Macbeth.  Not bad, but not the best in the whole wide world either.  Loved the witches.  Those witches were the best.  Really liked the costumes for easy transformation from normal looking ladies to bizarre hags.  Kymber thinks I need one of those outfits.  I did really like the costumes in their tone on tone decoration and constructions and stuff.  Zippers I can ignore and allow for quick backstage changes.  Although I confess that part of my brain was trying to figure out the construction of the costumes and lost parts of the dialog of the play.  eh. 

So, yay office, boo play, yay fish, boo movie, yay food, boo sleep, yay crusades... you get the idea... :)

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