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consumed by art projects
2004-10-01 - 2:52 p.m.

A couple of fun links:

I'm rather jazzed about a new costuming project. It has nothing to do with the SCA nor Halloween. Isn't that cool? Now I just need to make the time to get it done. Of course I now have a relatively clean sewing room, since guests will be sleeping in it this weekend, so that should help me get started. It sucks to want to go sew for a little bit and then realize that you have to spend more time cleaning the sewing room, aka: Everest, than the project would take. sigh.

But this weekend will be fun. We're having 8 house guests: Aedan, Ella, Thjora, Eleanor, Grace, Byram, Melisent, and Malcolm the new guy. It will be a good crew. And hopefully all the estrogen won't scare poor Malcolm the new guy. Luckily, there are plenty of escape places in the house if you don't wish to be around certain people, conversations, whatever. All you folks, Drive Safe!

And thanks mostly to Alan, the house doesn't look shameful. We've got clean carpets, floors, bathrooms, and guest rooms. I've still got my pile places of mail and kitchen table, but on the whole, not too bad. The madness of the sewing room has been more of less contained, but it's for sleeping folks in, not for hosting a dinner party in. Sorry Grace and Eleanor for the remaining piles. I've got grocery shopping to do after work so that there will be food for the gathering horde.

I am looking forward to taking all the weaving classes tomorrow. Tonight I hope to warp my now empty inkle loom with 20 cards appropriate for double face and twill, and hope that the brocade instructor has a packet of stuff I can use. Weaving track, color me happy. I did finally give up on the doomed project of new fiber, new cards and new technique all at once. That was a big mistake, but I still have the threads so I can use them later if I try that project again. We'll see, it is nice linen thread in red and black...

Then, after a long day of learning, we will adjourn to our pad for a cookout and sear lots of cow and chicken flesh on the grill for dinner. I hear Costco a-callin'...

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