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Post KWCS, Pre UofA
2004-09-28 - 5:10 p.m.

Oh lordy, Costume Symposium.  I'm wondering if it is fair to do bests and worsts, or if I should skip the worsts, cause frankly, company and classes aside, there were plenty.  Damn internet, can't communicate to my friends without letting the whole damn Known World know.  Hmm... maybe I'll not care and continue the snobby Atlantian rumor.


Worsts: (That I'm willing to mention here...)

On the whole, pretty cool time.  It was worth it, but could have been better.  But we managed to have fun regardless.  ;)

This weekend is UofA, YAY!  One of my favorite events, truly!  Looking forward to all day of weaving classes, and a house full of fun peoples.

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