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2004-09-24 - 11:04 a.m.

In a couple of hours, Maestra Giuliana and I will depart for the Known World Costume Symposium, held in Canton OH.  I'm really looking forward to it, even if I didn't get a chance to make anything new.  Ah well.  This will be my first non-war out of kingdom event, so it should be interesting at the least.  Depending on how this turns out, there was a late night chat with Bob that hatched a quasi plan for trying to host one of these in Atlantia.  You never know...  I'll try to give a full event report when we return.  I got high hopes tho.

I updated my home page with my current weekend schedule.  I have Nov 13th free...  she says wistfully...  But there is fun stuff on there; classes, wedding, tourney, MOLing, and drunken frozen beach escapades, so it's worth it.  Looking forward to the full house we'll have for UofA and Crusades.  w00t

Okay, so boring update, but I did add more images and directions to my page on Whipcording, especially groovy diagrams of the swapping techniques for one and two workers.  um.. yay, n'stuff.  I'll go back to AoD's Bunny Theater now...

Still praying quietly for full Gyrth recovery.

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