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Legends: yesterday and today
2004-09-17 - 4:47 p.m.

I first recall meeting the awesome Duke Gyrth of Oldcastle at a University of Atlantia #41 in the Shire of Drachentor, I think Bera was princess at the time.  There was a canvas painted tapestry in a room that I believe Celyn had drawn up and spearheaded and folks had gathered around it like a campfire.  Everyone was discussing the age of their persona, as it were.  I think Thjora was in her teens, others mentioned years I could hardly fathom.  Gyrth said that "Gyrth" was 21. 

21 years in the SCA

I was just 21 years old, and had spent barely 2 years in the society.  The concept that folks had been doing this as many years as I had been alive, and more, was totally mind boggling.  I think I had the sense to keep my mouth shut and just sit in awe of all the amazing people around me that I barely had enough courage to talk to.  It's rather funny thinking about it now, since I consider them friends today.  Gone to the NGA and Folgers' with the tapestry artist, apprenticed Gulf Wars road buddy to one, swapped pond plants and rhetoric with another, partied with all three.  I can assure you that had you told me on that day in Danville VA that I would have done these things in the following years, I would have balked.

Since that day I have come to see this great man, now simply Gyrth in my mind, as a funny, wellspring of knowledge.  He's a wonderful mix of amusement and inspiration, grace and glee, courtesy and chuckles, magic and mirth.  He's a leader in this crazy game, and yet just a regular guy.  He's a father and husband, writer and poet, peer and friend, apparently hated by Pookie, but loved by so many more.  And he's just truly awe inspiring and a fighter, both on and off the field.  See you at the party big guy.

Love the Gyrth...


...seems rather silly to now complain of a cold that's kicked my butt this week.  Thank goodness for antibiotics that work and codeine coff syrup.  And the ability to hook up and work from home.  Saved me at least 3 hours of getting ready, commuting and recovering.  Those 3 hours could go to a nap.  yay.  Last night and tonight was and will be more or less recovery from the weekend and this week of low energy.  Still have laundry to do, garb to put away,  feast gear to put away, rooms to tidy, tub to clean, new towels to put out, blah blah blah, boring stuff.  Mostly event recovery though.

Speaking of the event...

So, the MIC of the MOD rocked the hiss-ouse! 

Um, that is to say, the  Masters of Defense Tourney went very well this weekend.  The field looked fabulous.  I thought our tent looked pretty cool from a hospitality stand point, using the red and gold "Byram envy" curtains to divide the tent to give us a place to store coolers and armour and a place to sit pretty.  Not that I got to spend much time under our shade that day.  I had the dubious honor to sit the MOL table most of the time and help Constanzia run the tournament.  It was actually quite cool and lovely.  Many people got stuck in 301 traffic from Hades, and unfortunately she was one of them.  Since I had the paperwork on hand at Kynny's request just in case for Friday night authorizations, it was easy to get a jump start and beginning signing folks in and stuff.  Glad I did so that the tournament only started an hour late, and it wasn't the MOL table's fault.  I actually had a blast at the MOL table, and it definitely had the best view being in the center of the 4 fields.

The fighting was just, ohmigod-amazing.  I think I've rarely seen such cool fighting outside of Crown Tourneys.  But then again that could be because the main fighting event I actually watch is Crown.  ;)  The poor puppies in the finals looked tired, but seemed to have a good time.  Yay for the semis: Griffin, Colin, Roland and Cuan.  Yay the finals: Roland and Cuan.  Yay the victor: Cuan.  But man were those semis and finals tough.  The poor Bar Monkey was a stressed out little furry mass during the day, but I think the tourney was excellent, new, and greatly helped to foster cross-over.  His idea was pure brilliance and manifested in a fabulous tourney.  Although more heavies crossed to rapier than rapier to heavy this time.  Perhaps that will change next time it is run, whenever that may be. 

Oh, and no, I'm not bitter that the ladies of the two finalists decided to drink wine and play at IKEA instead of come and hang with me at the event.  Not bitter at all, especially when they give Alan presents as a result of their folly...  :)  Luv ya! Mean it!

Then we had a lovely court where I served hors d'ouvres (aka: my left over hospitality stuff from our tent) to the crowd, before we proceeded onto feast.  Feast did not suck.  The stew was nummy, as was the STC and roast beef.  mmm...  Robert and Isobel even had a bread totem guest join them at their table.  (No, I didn't do the food art, but I'm Genevieve d'Aquitaine and I approve this food art...)  The feast hall was a bit stifling, but on the whole it was a good time with good company.  And we adjourned to hanging out and playing with baby monkey and other festivities etc. for the evening. 

Sunday was pack up and we got on the road and off the site around 11:30am, but not home until after 1pm since we took the long way home to avoid the traffic mess that was a crowd of folks streaming to FedEx field for the Redskins game.  Just an FYI, Theo, it is Football time.  Just ask the Monkey. 


I guess that's it, time to boogie....

Aren't you glad I updated, n'stuff?

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