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still alive, and kicking
2004-08-30 - 9:37 p.m.

Well, we've made it back from Pennsic safe and sound. No trailer problems at all, which was really nice. We also packed out Friday morning, which means we were on the road by 5pm with dry canvas, which was also really nice.

War was completely lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed both weeks. We had the entirety of camp set up by Sunday night, with only futzing to do on Monday. Thjora and I had a great time working on sewing, reading, painting projects, and all sorts of stuff.

Bests, in no particular order:

hopping scotch nite

painting in the new and improved common tent in the breeze

our lovely Grey Fox neighbors: Mudd, Egnog, Thrayne- good folks

fiber classes with Thora Sharptooth

shoe shopping war

Genevieve d'Personal Shopper- you looking for something, I had a good chance of finding it. :)

MoLing the Atlantian 5-man, good times at the table, bad cop with Ella, Service Monkey as a reward... yay the service monkey! He's so cute.

Laundry with Thjora and the Nia

Tonwen's Dolphin, Mark's Knighting, Melisent's Dolphin, Lucia's Pearl, Maddalena's Laurel. Just wish I could have heard more...

trashy romances and sharing the love, Indeed! ;)

Havorc's eukanuba geometry and Mary-Grace's early morning "bog camo"

Many visits from Vlad, the chocolate milk fairy and general great company

first week parties in the bog with friends, a rare occurance for the Gen, but fun just the same.

The Barbie Twins and Skipper

Bunk Haus: Sasquatch, Coco, Skipper and Frodo- all great folks

Period dinner hosted in Milleacre, good food, soggy roads

Volgemut visiting the Trayned Bandes period evening and winning hands at Put and taking the Goose board. hee hee hee

Lost Cause groupie

Aelfgar archery lesson, depsite the later start

Thursday night party in the common tent with checkers and many drunken academie members

cursing like Cartman much of the time

and much muc more...

It wasn't a ground breaking important War, but it sure was fun

This week is shaping up to be busy, but we did have a good weekend too. Friday night last minute grilling and marshal class in the basement, Saturday at the MD Ren Faire with the Pykes and Bedingfields, Sunday of final Pennsic clean up, and Pride and Prejudice from BBC's 1980 production. All polished off with a nice dinner at Harry's.

All in all, it has been a great couple of weeks, and Coronation is coming...

Oh yeah, and everyone who is able should come to Lochmere's Masters of Defense Tourney, I gotta feeling it's gonna be grand.

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