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Road Trip!!
2004-07-02 - 11:25 a.m.

When last we left our heroes they were perched upon the edge of a new and exciting journey. Yup folks, we're taking a non-SCA vacation. Mind you it is necessitated by my Grandmother's memorial service on July 7th in Galesville, WI, but we'll make the best of it. I've got plans for visiting 3-4 Frank Lloyd Wright homes, a couple of museums if we're lucky, some fine hotel rooms, and a trip of nostalgia to the Wisconsin Dells. I've got stuff planned, but the schedule is not so jam packed that we won't be relaxing.

In fact I have great hopes that this can be a fun, sight seeing and relaxing tour at the same time. It will prove interesting to me which parent peeks out more from my subconcious. I know my dad is more of a go-go-go guy and will try to fit in as much as possible. I think my mom has more the relaxing by the poolside mentality. I think I'm lucky to have Alan with me so that relaxation will be mandated and temper my need to go-go, and I like that. I'd like to go horseback riding, but I could be content with soaking in the whirlpool tub too.

See, it's not just a vacation, it's a social experiment too. Aren't they all?

It will be great to see the family again. I hope my fabulous Aunt and Uncle are coming as well as my parents and sisters. I'll also get to see the charming nieces again. I trust Trin's hair has grown out since she gave herself "short cute spiky bangs." Ahhh, kids. Sometimes I have to pause and wonder that my older sister is ill-equipped to deal with a child so much like herself it hurts. ;) One of my justifications for not having kids is that I know I'd have one just like me and the world does not need that for certain. hee hee hee.

So, we pick up the rental this evening, get on the road, and you'll not hear from us for quite some time. Thanks to Laura for feeding the fish. I'd hate to come home to smelly tanks and emaciated canabilistic pond fish. In all likelihood the pond fish would just leap out and catch squirrels or something. Then again, they might eat the smaller goldfish. That wouldn't be soooo bad. Alan thinks we have overwhelmed the filtering mechanism with the population explosion in the pond. Anybody need any pond raised goldfish? We have a whole school of calico bronzy goldfish, some of which will hopefully go to the Troy estate when their pond settles. I could probably part with some of the young koi too, just not the cute orange and white one. He's quickly securing a place in my heart next to George and Bubba. I think I need to ponder names for him. Or it could be a girl. Perhaps I should stick to androgenous names like Jamie. Suggestions for naming the fish in the pond willingly accepted to the guestbook. Of the adolescent koi we have there is the previously mentioned orange and white calico, two white ones-one with a single dot on his forehead and one with two dots of one orange and one black, and at least two grayish koi with black stripes down their backs.

So, that was random.

Miss me...


Mad props to BdeB for his lovely entry regarding the ToC, and his sweet account of his recent engagement. I sniffed. And he gets points for proper use of flowers.

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