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2004-05-18 - 2:48 p.m.

CHANGE: It's a short trip from riding the waves of change to being torn apart by the jaws of defeat.

Okay, so I've gotten really bad at the updates. I've been working on slightly more important things such as reading a little, cleaning the house and such and more busy weekends.

Crown saw us return with damp canvas, wet hems and a sunburn. Oh the humanity. But yay to the new Prince and Princess Janos and Rachel. I'm sure they'll do a fine job when they are called to the throne.

Then we witnessed the legal and holy binding of two souls in love spiritually already one. Yep, Yay to the Maxsons. It was a lovely day, the bride was glowing (not just from the heat), we had fine company, and good food to boot. We stayed at Maxie and Markie's place and brought home a pool table in pieces. The plan is for it to be painted silver and replace the felt and bumpers with blue so it will fit in perfectly in our basement. Alan's already started the silver painting and contacted a company that will professionally assemble and level it for us for a nominal fee.

And last weekend was Commencement. There is a sort-of mandatory volunteer to work commencement in our contracts. Since I was a team leader it saw me with several weeks of planning in advance and waking up at 4:30am the day of to prepare for the day. To work at 6am, and running around the Comcast Center until 1pm gave me great exercise. I think I only stopped for 20 minutes to sit and rest and eat a couple of creme filled chocolate frosted donuts and then back to work. I ran from one end of the Center to the other, North to South, Ground level up to the 3rd floor several times during the day. My team was great, but I am so glad it is over. There were quite a few things that went wrong, but on the whole we survived. And I have lots of stuff for the post mortem on Thursday.

After my hectic morning I came home and intended to have a half hour nap, but due to exhaustion and Alan's projects that needed completion before we went shopping, I got a blissful 2 hour nap to recover. Then we went to Columbia Oak, and found they didn't have the item we wanted to look at and couldn't reasonably custom make it longer as we need it anyway. Then to the Indoor Scandinavian place to look for corner buffetts and drooled over the pieces and balked a bit at some prices and left there empty handed as well. We ended up at IKEA and got a new kitchen dinette set to replace our old one and fit in the general theme I'd like to take the kitchen in time, as well as fitting better in that small space by the railing. We got a new desk set for the basement to move the workstation up to the wall and clear space in the middle of the room for the pool table eventually. I also indulged in more shoe storage and Jelly Rats, mmm... tasty! Naturally after dinner at Hard Times we were wiped out and we went back home, unloaded stuff and crashed for we were to sail on Sunday.

Sunday dawned too early, and thunderstormy over the harbour. (Side note: One should never have to get up at 4:30am and 7am on her weekend, I'm just saying.) Alan called Matt to delay our launch a few hours and we made it to the boats around 11:30 instead of 9. We split up into 2 little boats to give each sailing monkey more tiller and sheet time. Plus there is a lot more room in the cockpit of a Sonar with only 2 bodies manning the boat.

We tacked out way towards the Key Bridge and while Matt and Shane split off west for their own adventure, Alan and I continued east and promptly hit a complete lack of wind. We could only tell our headway by the small bubbles in our pitiful wake. We decided to start making our way back then just in case it took forever and it seemed to. But once we got back near port we had our breeze again and we tooled around the harbour closer in a bit practicing more and working with higher traffic and remembering the rules of right of way. Alan might just forever regret letting me bring the boat into dock. First it was a close call getting into the docking area as there was lots of traffic coming in to avoid the impending thunderstorms that appeared to be looming overhead. But I sneaked us by without as much as a close call and a bit of fine steering. But when it came to dock, I had too much speed and had to keep on going and made another tack/U-turn and came in on the other side of the dock simply smooth right behind Matt and Shane's boat. On the whole, we got 4 hours on the water with lots of practice, even if some of that was in patience. Afterwards we had an early dinner at the Austin Grill (since our sushi place was closed due to a family emergency) where we regaled each other with our separate tales of adventure, or something.

When we got home Alan and I hit the aloe hard and tended to our burned skin before assembling the IKEA goodies. See, I had sunscreen, SPF 30 even, but I applied it too little, too late, and not often enough. My thighs are singed from the knee to my shorts line. I have a band of burn around my shoulders where I was exposed and had not previously lightly tanned. Not to mention I have excessively rosy cheeks. In fact the burns hurt so much I worked from home yesterday since my work clothes just looked too painful. Heck even my light cotton tee and loose linen skirt are just a bit too harsh today. I could have lived in my silk bathrobe given half a chance. Thank goodness for the jumbo sized vat of aloe. I wish I could just soak in it.

But tonight will be a lovely Puff dinner out, and Mel will get our old dinette set, and it will be fabulous, and hopefully I can re-aloe before dinner.

Speaking of excess furnishings, we have the following free to a good home. If no one claims it by June, we'll give it all to the AmVets or something.

So much for the advertisment...

Take care people!

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