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2004-04-27 - 3:16 p.m.

I was bad, I skipped Mousehole this weekend. I wanted to go, but I came up with many excuses not to. My kit needs work, the chimney sweeps had to reschedule, I had stuff to do around the house, I didn't want to cook, I'm tired. What it really boiled down to was that I needed a break. And I got one.

Saturday morning I sent Alan off to the event with 4 or so dozen guilt gingerbread cookies for the folks who did attend. I guess the cookies were well received, and my guilt absolved, because the containers came back empty.

Saturday I slept in and then started attending to some papers that were in desperate need of organization. Then the chimney sweeps came and cleaned us out, and told us what other work needed to be done, and gave Alan a bit of a compliment, though I'm sure it wasn't intended that way. Essentially we burn a bunch of hot fires in our fireplace. :) Then I watched Drop Dead Gorgeous on DVD while gutters were added to our house.

Finally I went for some retail therapy at LB, Target, Old Navy and DSW, then dinner at Boston Market and movie at Snowden; Connie and Carla. I was exceptionally revitalized and amused by the whole day. BTW: Connie and Carla, I thought was damn entertaining. No oscars, unless maybe for Make-up. But I laughed out loud several times. I like to sieze these opportunities to see the movies I want to see without subjecting my sweetie or any of my other friends to them.

Sunday was lazy watching HGTV and TLC and finally getting to the nursury for some salvia and drawf snapdragons for the front yard, and some purple and white phlox for the backyard. And I haven't really needed to water them with the rain we've had lately. We rounded out Sunday by unloading Alan's truck upon his return and ordering Outback Takeaway after the Take-Out dice landed thrice up on Burgers.

I had lots of sewing and cleaning and organizing that I had hoped to get to, but in a way, it was so nice to be a bum.

and I have new clothes and shoes...


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