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Bera, the baby Laurel
2004-03-30 - 1:55 p.m.

My hands hurt, like lots. Mostly the right. Too much handsewing, but so worth it. Still not finished, will get right back to work when the hands quit complaining.

Nottinghill Coill was a long drive, a really long drive. When I got in Scarlett I had to apologize that I was taking her back on another long road trip. I think it was 10 hours of road time but 12 hours door to door with the stops. But the stops gave me road partners and entertainment for the drive, so all in all a very good weekend. I got to pick up da Queen and head on down after pulling out gifts from the tub that were very Kyneburh specific. Then we picked up Shrew and got to enjoy buffalo burgers/burritos and see the groovy mosaics she's got going on. Let's call them architechtural mosaics since they are of a grand scale, the shower and a little guy. The new little tar-paper shack on the Willis property is pretty darn groovy. On the way back we enjoyed a Cracker Barrel breakfast with a large crew and then stopped at Shrew's place to pet the pups, Yeti and Wendel, and I got to pet Thistle the Donkey and oogle the stucco hand washing sculpture by the pond and the ponds themselves. Place is even groovier in the daylight.

The event site was really lovely. Janos did a superb job as autocrat and the layout of the site was truly well utilized. I had great company while I stayed up until 2:30am sewing the trim on the apron and then finally crashed in bed. Morning dawned a little chilly (silly me wore acrylic socks instead of wool so my feet were really the only truly cold things) and I enjoyed a hot shower and bacon for breakfast before we got to setting up everything.

We found a cute little nook for the vigil tent and set up an A-frame on loan from the Baron and Baroness of Tir-y-Don, which was even decorated in red and gold. Margret and Otto did a bang up job with that, and I was truly pleased. Then we set up the hospitality tent that Rags and Fritz brought and the crazy Sacred Stone women set up the food spread with was very impressive, and the neato black and red wall hangings to give a more viking feel to the hospitality area. Finally came the setting out of the stuff, beads from Tegan, nalbound socks from Gudrun, the wonderful elephant ivory uber-medalion from Shrew, and the jaw-droppingly beautiful embroidered caftan from Rosine. There was other stuff, but my brain is too foggy to remember. We set the rock that Brigit made for the scroll out in the sun on a picnic table right beside Bera's loom so that folks could oogle that as well. Brigit, you'll be glad to know that one of the wall hangings that Kisaiya came up with had the cool crazy face on it as well. Very amusing, almost like we'd planned it or something.

The day was fairly blurry. Shrew did the hem and neckline on the red elevation dress and I worked on the seams on the apron, and managed the line. It seemed to go by fairly quickly, but then busy days do that. I thought court was a smash, and yes, the caftan fit beautifully. I only vaguely remember what I said, but I think everyone was eloquent and gracious. I didn't pull a Kathryn Hepburn, so that was something. Yay the Bera! Such a well deserved induction into the Order of the Laurel. The order is lucky to have her and I know she'll do great.

Saturday night was a tasty feast, great company of the crazy Sacred Stone women and some wonderfully entertaining southern fencers. The crackers with tissue paper crowns were brilliant, but I'll only post those pictures of the Crown says it's okay. They were nice and silly.. hee hee. Then we hung out at the royal cabin before Dagonet brought matresses for me and my arm was twisted to sleep in the warm cabin instead of in the cold tent. I also got in a drunk call to the party at my place and got to wish Bob a Happy Birthday before going. I can't wait to see more pictures from the shin-dig, poke, prod- Vic.

I will leave you guys with the one picture I did take at the event. And I hope Chris and Bera are okay with it. They are just so cute!

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