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Return from the War
2004-03-24 - 4:41 p.m.

Returned from Gulf Wars... very sleepy, doing my best Kathleen Turner impression. Sounds like I smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish all week, when in fact it was only one night. I think I'll blame the pollen but several days later with no nature exposure and I'm still froggy. bleh

I gotta say, I think this was the best Gulf Wars ever for me. I realized that this was 7 in a row and they've all been good, even the one we got rained out of, but this was the best.


-road trip fun with Thjora, the weary of the road is always lessened by great company.

-Nawlins fun with a good friends. Rags, Byram and Melisent stayed with Thjora and I at my Aunt's place in New Orleans for a couple of nights and it was a grand staging area.

-Beth Patterson in O'Flaherty's (especially her joy at the audience not only requesting her songs but singing along), great food (my greatest apologies to the non-spice-o-files), beignets, pralines, a hurricane, tying cherry stems in knots, the Mississippi River, shopping in groovy independent stores, driving the Garden District, and all the wonders of the French Quarter.

-The cabin was tightly packed, but I gotta say that it was the best group of people to share a packed cabin with. Somehow we made space for us and all our stuff and Henry very obligingly made camp out back. It could have been a bad situation with much drama, but we made the best of it. Many thanks to Lukas, Kat, Odde, Allasan, and Declan for the initial set up and all their hard work. And as the Cu pointed out, once we cleaned up our cabin on the outside (armour boxes under the porch and shields up and displayed to hide them) the other cabins started looking nicer too. It was also nice to come "home" and see the War Standard wiggling in the wind.

-I had lots of fun shopping and pretty much played the part of the camp follower. Allasan was the civilian who followed the troops to the field and I managed icing the coolers and tidying up where I could. and more shopping, shopping and shopping.

-Seeing our noble King and Prince in action is truly awe inspiring. They are the best at what they do. Gracious, grateful, noble and strong, great men, definitely great men.

-4am conversations with many giggles

-Woken up to news of the Bera and Christian engagement- many hurrahs! Conversation went a little like this: Christian asked me to marry him last night... To crowd in front of cabin Bera and Christian are engaged! Wait, you did say yes, right?

-Dinner out as Cu's date for stroganoff with Duchess Caitlin of the Mid. Royalty of Meridies very charming.

-Royalty of the West even more charming as they came over to chill with Atlantia and sing songs for us. Queen of the West very talented bard. King of the West makes cool german ren clothing. And they were nice people to boot.

-Standard Atlantian hospitality means feeding everyone we can with the food we've prepared. Very little went to waste.

-Thjora's grinning face after a day of sparring and pick-ups on the rapier field.

-Melisent's smiling face and tales of heroism after the fort.

-New Hedeby boots for me from Bohemond! yay and comfy too!

-Being deemed worthy of a Fountain by the Ragnarr, blush

-good friends, great times, fine weather, 'nuff said.


I can't call it worse, since nothing was truly horrible by my standards. But there is always some bad with the good.

-remembering that New Orleans is less than ideal for friends who don't like spicy foods.

-Bourbon street in the daylight is kinda scary, much better at night with a drink under your belt.

-not getting to see my wonderful Aunt and Uncle, but that's the way the cards fell this year.

-tightly packed but at least we were drama free

-Scarlet misbehaving. Damn Check Engine light (loose PCV Valve fixed this am) and random squealing belt that thankfully stopped before reaching the City.

-late night arrival home and tons of laundry to do.

But it was all worth it in the end. And I got to come home and see my sweetie and lavish him with gifts and spoils from the war.

So, not chronilogical, not entirely bulletted list, but somehwere in between. All round good time. Yay the Gulf Wars! And to think, I would have skipped this year if I hadn't found a road partner. :)

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