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KA&SFest shows and truck woes
2004-03-10 - 3:53 p.m.

I regret to inform you all that Miss Scarlett is unwell. She is taking a respite at the shop to fix her timing belt and track and oil pan and valve and no doubt something else. The tune is expensive. She's glad I love her. The customer service rep mentioned just replacing her instead but it's not that serious. The good news is that she'll be running perfectly fine for the long trip to Gulf Wars. Having a timing belt go out during the 3000 mile trip would be less than ideal.

In the meantime I have a rental Taurus. I view it as a temporary exile.

Tonight is a lovely dinner at the Thornbury Estate so that Maestra Giuliana and I can go through the Gulf Wars gift bags that I promised I'd transport and deliver. Really, it's a great excuse to make Kevin cook for me. Yum...

I'm signed up for the Coronation Feast of Giants, aren't you?

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