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mullet entertainment
2004-02-24 - 12:35 p.m.

On my drive to work today I got to witness the rare treat of watching mullet-grooming. There was a mullet in the old white Oldsmobile in front of me for most of the drive into the office. During a bit of a slow back-up, he proceeded to take off his baseball cap and brush his luxurious mane. He actually did seem to have fairly good naturally wavy hair, although I don't know how he keeps it in shape with the way he brushed it every which way. And then he rolled down the window and let his hair fluff in the wind. He was equiped with redneck mustache and everything. The image just brought to mind stale marlboros and beer...

Ah, the joys of the morning commute.

or something...

So, this weekend I took Saturday off of the SCA and finished my cool new pouch of nalbinding to hold my nalbinding tools. I've managed to loose two needles by now with them working themsleves out of the piece or skein of yarn I was working on. Am very bummed to have lost my Wally needle, at least my Miguel needles are replaceable. But the pouch is now done, and hopefully no more needles will escape. I also made my very own first nalbinding needle out of an antler tine. It is too thick to be ideal, but it does work and I made it with only hand tools. I have another tine I've cut off that I might try splitting and then making into needles to cut down on the thickness. That or I might try bone.

Saturday night was a lovely dinner of Achbar's carry-out back at the Mellin's with fun hanging out and trying lots of groovy indian dishes. Of course I over ordered, so we have had indian left overs for lunch on Sunday, dinner last night, and will still for a while yet. No complaints from me.

Then on Sunday instead of playing with more string, we went furniture shopping to find options for a couch for the basement theme. Lo and behold we did find one that we absolutely love, and while it was a bit more than we'd like to pay, it was also a floor model on sale. I went and collected it last night and it is now happily sitting proud in the basement. In a way our basement now is kinda like a really snazzy mullet in that it has office/business in the front and entertainment center and bar/party in the back. You can easily see pictures of the basement here. Okay, it is way cooler than a mullet, but you get my drift.

BTW, no mullets allowed. :)

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