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living like the Jetsons
2002-11-22 - 11:54 a.m.

So with my new route to work I drive by these apartments on Cherry Hill Drive. They have a sign out front that says:


Now, I go into fits of giggles each time I see this sign. I know that linearly it should read "Space, Style, and Convenience", but instead my twisted little mind processes it as "Space style convenience" and I think "Like the Jetsons?!?" Do each of these apartments have the food beamer thing like in Star Trek or a robotic maid like the Jetsons have? That would be cool apartments indeed. Sadly, they are probably just basic "spacious" boring apartments with a pass through to the kitchen or something "stylish" like that. eh. I like my version better.

On Wednesday I took Scarlett into the shop for her 45K check-up. I love driving the truck after an alignment, it makes such a big difference. Since she was in the shop, I rented a car for the day. I figured I would save money and rent to lowest model they had since it would only be for one day. Ohmigod! I can safely say that of all the wonderful cars in this world, the one that I am never in any danger of buying is a Chevy Metro. Dear god, it was torture. I had to manually roll down the windows to swipe my card to get into the parking lot and garage. It did not even have power steering. I didn't think they made cars that didn't have power steering anymore. It was tiny, had no pickup and was simply tiresome. I was extremely glad to get rid of it and get back into my baby Scarlett. Chevy Metro, bleck!

I also had to make a run to campus to pick up some stuff, and teach a training class on the admin features of our system. I have enlightened 9 more of our admin users on the finer points of the system. I felt like the 70's TV painter guy with the fro who painted Happy little clouds and happy little trees. I talked about this Happy little button... and stuff like that. Whatever keeps folks from falling asleep during my training class. I think I was sabatoged, the lab was so stiffling hot so much so that I was putting myself to sleep... hard to keep others awake. Need to talk to those lab folks, usually the labs are freezing cold, nothing but extremes with this university...

Yesterday was entertaining. I overslept making me 15 minutes late to work, but then my wonderful manager was stranded at the shop as her tires were getting balanced and her brakes checked. So as soon as I get in I swoop out to go fetch her and bring her to work. Then a few hours of productivity and then it is time to go pick up her Rodeo. So we swoop back out, pick up her truck, and then we head out to a lovely lunch at Arby's. Then, back to work for another hour of productivity and our order of stuff for the new office has arrived at the on campus IT office, so we have to go pick it up. So she and I load into her truck again and swoop over to campus, survey the mountain of stuff that we need to fit in her truck, recruit some help from Systems and load up her truck full of cork boards and white boards and coat racks and our mail and post it notes and trash cans and all sorts of goodies for the new office. Once we get back to our offices I round up everyone (save one to answer the phones) to help unload the truck of stuff and get it up to our 3rd floor office. Then we play with putting cube coak hooks together and unpacking the trash cans and putting all the stuff away before I have to leave for my appointment to give blood at the Red Cross.

Except that they wouldn't take my blood. My hemocrit level was too low (34% instead of 38%) so the fear is that if they drain you of one unit you won't have enough to make more blood soon enough. I had this problem when I was a vegetarian all the time. I would take iron pills that morning before giving blood and be fine. But I already take a multivitamin supplement that should have 100% of my daily iron necessary. And I even take a Vit C supplement with it which should help with absorbing the iron. I just don't understand, except that it is an excuse to eat more steak and spinach. yay! It doesn't make me any less dissapointed to not be able to give, but such is life. I'll try again after Thanksgiving break or something.

Then I swung by Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up an Aerobed and some spare pillows in preparation for the Christmas Holidays when my family comes to visit. And then, dinner epiphany struck. I called Rob and Wen and Alan and got an order for ribs for Red Hot and Blue and Rob called it in and I swung by on my way back from Columbia and tw33t! the order was ready and we all ate heartily last night on a feast of ribs and baked beans and coleslaw and salads to be a little healthy. :)

And then the birthday festivities began, even if a little early. Rob and Wen got me fun costuming geeking movies and a ladybug finger puppet!!! It was so cute and I wore it most of the night. But I think it needs a lanyard so I don't loose it when it pops off my finger. We introduced Wen and Rob to Father Ted and laughed our butts off. And then Bera called me and we got to chat and blither on about this and that and I'll get another groovy woven belt coming my way! Bera rocks! And then on the way to Last Chance I got to talk to Clint (my fabulous brother in law) and make sure he passed on my Happy Birthday wishes to Trinity (who was already in bed) and Clint and I chatted away in general about all sorts of stuff until it was time to go drink.

Who knows what tonight's festivities will hold. I have to run to the chiropractor and then we'll probably go out to dinner and maybe a movie. maybe... But we also have to pack for next week at the Outerbanks with some friends. (yeah, so this means likely no updates for a week from me, I know you are all crushed.) I am really looking foward to a week of rest and relaxation and hanging out around a luxurious house with friends and playing on the pool table or reading or sleeping late and all sorts of other fun things. Say it with me kids... Ah.....

Right then, off to lunch with Gainer! Take care!

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