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ohhh.... spooky
2002-10-31 - 4:57 p.m.

Goddess on the mountain top
Burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name

She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire

Yeah, so I decided to reprise my role as Venus for Halloween this year, with some major adjustments. I made a quick chiton using the rolled hem feature on the serger last night to wear over my short sleeved white kirtle. This morning I cut out red felt hearts and pinned them to the chiton, I dug out some shells on red string, found a belt, found my golden apple token from the Judgement of Paris, found a little cupid pin, and twistie braided my hair to look vaguely ancient greek. It was no great effort, but it did the job of giving me a last minute costume that is a bit better than a cat ear headband. I even took second place in the IT costume contest. :) Mind you first prize went to the pirate wench twins in store bought nylon pirate wench costumes with fishnets added. Apparently more skin means more likely to win. I think my costume required too much thought and reliance on some basic knowledge of greek/roman mythology. Most folks thought I was a fairy...

So, hey, it's no work of genius, but I also didn't stay up too late last night working on it. The chiton took less than an hour, which included rethreading the serger and playing with its settings. The other stuff I cut out and gathered up in 15 minutes this morning and it took 15 minutes to braid my hair. Maybe next year I will go the catholic school girl route... (twitch bdeb, twitch)

I can't wait to see the AoD as a Moulin Rouge girl tonight!!!

So, last night I got off work late, there was rain and stomping through a puddle to get to my truck parked far away in a back parking lot that is not lit at night. grrr... Then there was grocery shopping late, going over to Wendy's house to help her with a project until 10, then back home to veg a bit, consult Kohler on ancient greek/roman costume, read up on the instructions for a rolled hem (still don't think I have it quite right), and then up to the workroom to finish Bobby's banner. Yes, boys and girls, Sir Robert's banner is finally complete. Okay, not entirely complete, I still have to sew the hole closed that I turned it through, 8 inches of hand sewing, how will I ever survive? It's effectively done. I just had no energy to take a picture of it last night. Then I turned out the chiton and plopped into bed a little after 1 am.

Tonight I get to go home and see how many little munchkins we get at our door. I forgot to get a pumpkin to carve, which is really all for the best since I have no time to carve one. Then plans are to head out to LC for cheap booze and to gawk at other grown ups in costume. Doesn't that happen at SCA events a lot? No wait, we'll all be in spooky, or in some cases sexy, costumes, not period. :) Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to clean up the house a little bit before LC and in between trick-or-treaters.

sure, right....

Anyways, Happy Halloween to you all!

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