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Bandes' Fall Muster
2002-10-28 - 5:27 p.m.

Ah, what a lovely weekend. Alan had Friday off, and I just could not get up and going on Friday morning. Since I was set to leave work at 1pm anyway, I just called in sick and slept late, and took our time packing the truck, etc. Alright, it is Bests and Worsts time...


-getting stuck in traffic on 66 West heading out of town, made a 3 hour trip turn into 4.5, ugh.

-bloody murder shriek from poor Sarah after being stung by a bee.

-allergic reaction building on a bunch of things: bundling Chris and Nance's cat infested blankie and stuff, sitting next to boffer drills performed on a burlap sack filled with hay, the pyrotechnics in the mock witch burning, and the fog machine.

-helping out with dishes, especially that sooty soup pot.

-forgetting the name of the Williamsburg sulter's catalog that was passed around, Gen and Alan need new pairs of shoes

-some folks not staying in persona more of the day.

-forgetting my wrist braces.


-Alan driving so that I could sew on the way down to finish my new outfit and sleep on the way back to recover from my allergies.

-finishing my new outfit so that it was wearable by mid-afternoon. I got the hems and the kirtle done before the event really got underway on saturday morning, and spent the rest of the time sewing the frogs on which made it wearable shortly after the trial. Will post pictures after I iron it.

-feeling comfortable and a bit more at home in the group and loving my new comfy clothes.

-the overall ambiance- the tavern looking so period, the clothes right on everyone, the food yummy and period, the activities such and the trial, etc. :)

-being in persona. Just to show that everything is relative, having new folks at the event made it easier for me to stay in persona to help them out. It's so much nicer to talk about Stewart and Thurston's horse throwing a shoe delaying them than to talk about their dragon breaking down, or something else obviously modern.

-sitting in the lovely sunlit tavern sewing quietly, gazing upon the Bandesmen doing drill, soaking it all in.

-getting to see Chris, Nance, Sarah and little Marian again, playing with baby some, really not understanding 3 year old. :)

-food! lunch was a chicken, apple and onion salad along with sausages, cheese, bread and butter, etc. yum! Dinner was a cider and onion soup, roast pork, fresh baked bread, an apple, onion and current dish, etc. delightful!

-helping with the dishes. Yes, it was wet and often grungy work, but it was in good company (Heather!) and only took a little while, even if it did ruin my nails. eh.

-watching Thomas and Zeke as the constables! roll on the ground laughter inducing.

-the mock trial and burning of the fake witch. (before you wiccans get all upset, think that we were in Elizabethan persona and middle class 16th cent folks would have feared witches tremendously.) there were pyrotechnics and fireworks and all sorts of super groovy stuff.

-the joy that is Stumpy the grenadier... tee hee hee

-the wisewoman, Mrs. Pickering's makeup job, and the lovely and talented Fanny the ale wife!

Up until now the Bandes events have been too much anxiety for me. I didn't fit in, my kit wasn't good enough, I didn't have a persona or know the "current" events, etc. It's really hard for this normally bubbly person that I am to be quiet all day. But previously for lack of a want to disturb the ambiance I kept my mouth shut. This event it all felt good for me. I could get in the feel of the event and the time period, it was fun playing a 16th cent country woman.

You see, despite my allergy attack, I had a great time, really making me want to try harder and make it better next time. :D

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