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2002-10-11 - 3:32 p.m.

Tomorrow sounds like the ideal time to test some fuzzy lined boots I got at Target a few months ago. I hope they are waterproof. They should at least be warm. Now, what outfit to wear? Nothing too long that it'll drag on the ground and get completely gross. Kinda wish I had men's elizabethan for me in my closet. I saw Arianna wearing Reynard's clothes at 20YC and was instantly envious. Perhaps the horizontal stripes will make a re-appearance. At least with the stripes it's not as obvious when the hem gets mucky. Sigh, like others, not looking forward to the rain. I need some non-cream colored flannel garb. rain-wear.

Did the math. And since Alan kindly volunteered our tents for the MoLs and I volunteered to help staff the MoL tables and they decided to optimistically start the sign-in/authorizations at 9am, we need to leave home by 7am tomorrow morning. I don't even like being awake by 7am during the work week. I'm such a whiner. At least I'm aware I'm a whiner, right? First step is acknowledging your weaknesses.

Last night I was a moron. Worked until 6:40pm, and then drove home in the rain. Plopped in front of TV, ate left over mac and cheese, and did laundry. Since I'm not really into Thursday night TV, and too lazy to pop in a DVD, I watched a variety of movies that were on the tube after Will and Grace. It started off with the last third of Bring It On, a fluffy cheerleader teen movie. Then I started watching Proof of Life on HBO, a drama flick with some action that I had only previously seen the end of. Yummy Russel Crowe. Then, the next movie on after that was Cousin Bette that started and I quickly became engrossed with. Til 2am, I might add. Stupid, stupid gen. Cousin Bette is a period flick set in the mid 19th cent. Paris, viva la revolution. The costuming was lovely. Pretty good acting too, tough to completely hate the treacherous Bette since she has pretty much been shat upon by her family. But, even though I did stay up way too late, I got all the laundry done, yay me.

Yesterday at work we went to go visit our new office. They are taunting us, testing the limits of the carrot on a stick. The new place is wonderful. Well, I guess to understand it's glory, you need to know what the current place is. Right now we are crammed into a tiny hole in the basement with carpet older than I am, bugs, foul air from the lack of air circulation, old cube pieces ramshackel put together to form cubes and mismatched furniture. We never know what the weather is like unless we look online or go upstairs, and it can feel like you have been in a crypt for days when you work just an 8 hour day. And so, the new place. The new place has new maroon carpet with navy polka dots on it, plush even. Windows for two walls as our suite wraps around the corner of the building. Each programmer, assistant director, and such will get a 10x15 window office, except Wayne and our boss Rob, who get bigger offices. As support we elected to stay in cubes (better support atmosphere, yelling over the cube walls). But we get a little piece of window to share in the common area. The office furniture is all in place, nice mahogony look/veneer stuff, each gets L desk, bookshelf, filing cabinet and three chairs. Okay, all the office furniture but Wayne's desk that got munched in transit. We are still waiting on cubes to be built (end of the month, cross fingers!) and routing of phones, and data lines, and all that jazz. Still have to figure out details such as where to put things like the fridge, microwave, copier (that we hope we get a new one rather than the 15 year old copier that was dumped on us last week). The old copier is very charming, in a way. The smell of the leaking toner is very nostaligic of my days volunteering for Vacation Bible School making the newsletter. Ah... So, the new place will be clean, newly re-constructed, have windows, fresh air, and more space... We've been getting a little cynical with them teasing us with a move since two and a half years ago.

cough, cough, hack, hack, bad air quality is killing us...

So, I am plum out of ideas and creativity and in dire need of a nap. Not that this is anything new. I woke up this morning needing a nap. yes sirree bob...

zzzzzzzzzzzzz.............. HUH! where was I?

ah, nevermind... see you rain sodden folks at the war...

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