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weiver ni efil
2002-10-09 - 2:41 p.m.

Well, the past few days have certainly been interesting... And not just in the chinese curse sort of way, but partly... Just to be different, let's go backwards and see if it makes my life any more interesting...

Last night was my first glass blowing class at the Art of Fire studio. It was fascinating, much harder than the pros make it look, made me want to go back to lampworking on a smaller and less dangerous scale, and fun, lots of fun. We didn't get to actually blow glass this time as we had to play with just hot blobs of glass and seeing how the properties work that way before the making bubbles starts. I made a snowman of sorts, as a way to get used to the tools. I also burned my left hand (thumb, palm, and part of index finger) at the very end of class, but the teach keeps an aloe plant on site (wise) and I got fixed right up before leaving to drive home. I'm also pretty good at driving one handed and placed the burned paw on the nice cool window. Ahhhh... Our teach says that folks always ask him if he burns himself, and his response is, yes, once, and then you learn not to do it again. I can just see Roland and Liam rolling on the ground with laughter right now...

I learned that I barely use my left thumb in typing which is good since it seems to be the worst right now.

Of course all of this happened after a day where I stayed home from work sick. Yeah, yeah, don't even try to berate me for playing with hot glass when I'm sick, I couldn't miss the first class. I had a 12:30 doctor's appointment where he gave me Rx's and I ate mac and cheese as I had them filled. Other than that, I slept most of the day... drugs are good, m'kay? As long as you have a prescription for them. Although frankly last night I would have done almost anything for some real pain killers...

Monday was boring old work, going home early after much proding from my coworkers since I was sick and looking like death warmed over. There was more sleeping in the afternoon, bumming around and playing with the weaving. ohhh! the weaving!!

Sunday ended with the Season premiere of Angel on the WB. Glad I'm not into Alias, so didn't mind the new Sunday time slot. I thought it was excellent! Poor bored Cordy... You'd think as a higher being she'd be able to communicate to the lower beings or something... TV time was after a lovely dinner at Red, Hot and Blue with Bob and Is, where we ran into Tara and Beth. That was a lovely treat. This was after the long drive back from Holly Springs, punctuated by a quick stop in Richmond to pick up a corner bookcase from Kirsten. She didn't have a good spot for it and it fits perfectly in our family room back near the bar. Now I just need to unload stuff onto it. And after a little OrangeGlo it looks keen. Thanks Kirsten!!!

Sunday began with french press coffee at Casa Canine and French Toast. Oh this French Toast was good enough to rival the kind served at the Niemann-Dawson Bed and Breakfast. Honestly, I'd have to try them side by side to try to come to some guess as to which was better. Tom's French Toast was so creamy it was almost custardy. yummm... had two thick yummy pieces...

Saturday was busy, exhausting, but always invigorating as University is. After all the classroom learning, Bera taught me to card weave back at Tom and Dan's. It was so much fun. Way more fun than plain on inkle weaving, which is still fun. She taught me the basics and we set up my loom with the mucking huge cards I have, and went to town. One of the bad things about starting off with period horn cards is that you have to figure out some way of marking them... opps. Magic markers won't work here... Luckily scotch tape worked marvelously to mark the A-D edge of the cards. I'm working on a lovely chevron, lozenge pattern, simple, but gets the basics accross.. w00t!

Sat. night after UofA, we changed into modern clothes ('cause let me tell you, there was nothing mundane about Laura's outfit. :) Then we rushed off to dinner at the Fox and the Hound in Cary, NC. The food was fabulous. Kirsten and I split the Rabbit Conffitt for an appetizer, and I had to munch on some of Bob and Laura's sausage rolls. Then I had the mixed grill of the midlands which included a pork chop, roast lamb, and english sausage. I substituted the stilton mashed 'taters for the chips. Dinner was devine. And we had lovely dinner companions with Bera, Bob, Laura, Thjora, and Grace. Bera and I showed our iron burn scars on our arms to Grace so she'd feel a little less bad about burning herself. The only drawback was that the one cider this english pub had was "K" cider in 9.3 oz bottles for 3.50. I felt robbed. All good english pubs should have at least one cider on tap, for god sakes they had a Woodpecker Cider sign by the door. oh well. Dinner was lovely just the same.

At University I took classes on Renaissance Glassware that was extremely informative with pretty color pictures, on Basque costume and the silly hats the women wear, on dressing the rapier fighter that was great for relative beginners, on Period Table settings with 4 handouts of good stuff, color pictures, and worthy cheap substitutes, and Late period Cotes and Cloaks which came with black and white pictures and a glossary of terms for outer garments. It was great, great I tell you. I came home with a huge stack of info to paw through. For lunch we sneaked into the Royal lunch upstairs that Kyna invited us too, and I yakked with Ysolt some on the state of UofA and KA&SFest. We arrived too late for my 10am class, but I figure I can get that info out of Tom later this month.

Friday was an uneventful late arrival, but Tracie and I stayed up til 2am talking to Duncan. It was nice to have the old pod back together for a little while at least. Poor Tom was laid off from his job on Friday and taking it poorly (jeez, how else can you take it when it is a surprise?) and he was a little bummed. I think the weekend got him out of that, and it was good to see him. Anyone know of any jobs for a chemical engineer?

And today continues business as normal. I'm still a little sick, thank goodness for advil-anti-inflammatory and fever reducer, my hand is delicately bandaged, I'm only at work cause we are short staffed on wednesdays and I need to save leave for the beach in Nov.

oh, and these shootings in my area... yeah, they are starting to get a little spooky. It's not like the are targetting certain things or areas, so that you could easily dye your hair or avoid an area of town to avoid the danger... It's completely random so far and that's just wrong. The very first shooting was in the parking lot of the new SFW in the same shopping center as my Chiropractor. I can't avoid my chiropractor! I can avoid running at night, or mowing the lawn (there's people for that anyway) and I can avoid schools, but why do we have to avoid what would normally be the safe activities? For god's sake, who shoots a middle aged woman going into a Micheal's Craft Store?!?! It's just not right. How come when folks snap and go crazy with firearms they don't take out the bad guys. Why can't just once a crazy postal worker go off in the bad neighborhoods aimed at the drug dealers? This sniper better hope that the police find him/her/them first.

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