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SCA year in review
2002-10-09 - 5:49 p.m.

Okay Byram, I'm willing to play your little game... :)

Here is my weekend in review.

Let's see...

Jan: Twelfth Night and Lochmere's Midwinter Dance Revel: For both I was Royal staff.

Feb: University of Atlantia, Ymir, and Ponte Alto Investiture. I taught classes at UofA, and was on Royal staff for all three events. That feast gear box was really heavy...

March: Kingdom A&S Festival, and Gulf Wars: both Royal staff, but got to eat and drink at KA&SF due to the Royal Brewer and Baker competitions... :)

April: Coronation of Logan and Isabel and Night on Board: In charge of royal stuff transfer, otherwise played all day for both events. whoohoo!

May: Crown: 'twas the weekend after I moved into new house, and was a consort. Stressful day.

June: Highland River Melees: impromptu Royal staff, truck/car parker, copenhagen fetcher, attendee, but got to play a mean game of Paille Maille

July: Assessment: Hung out under my dayshade, got to chat with folks, dolphin meeting.

August: Pennsic and Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday: Went to Land grab, back home to work and sew, back up to war. Impromptu retainer, bummed around camp. SSBB'day was a bum in the hall chatting, hanging out and admiring the Arts Display.

Sept: Coronation: hung out in A/Ced hall, wove, chatted, judged some, was awed by more arts displays.

Oct: University of Atlantia, Crusades: Took a ton of classes at UofA, taught none. Plan to work at one of the MoL tables at Crusades as needed. And check out the A&S classes and display.

Nov: Crown, and maybe the Lady and the Tyger Tourney: bum, and bum, I hope :)

Dec: Unevent Maybe... not a local officer, would only have order meetings and MoL meeting to attend. Tempting to skip. :)

So, that gives me 16 events so far attended, and possible 20 for this year, covering 23 weekends when you take the wars into account. When you think about 52 weekends a year, assuming I make the events projected to the end of the year, I'll have spent 44% of my weekends at SCA events, not counting sewing weekends, or Bandes stuff, or getting married... :) I think I'm at the high end of this bell curve...

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