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2002-10-04 - 5:10 p.m.

I can't begin to tell you how bored I am. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am still at work, waiting for those last 50 minutes to eek by. I hate it when all my coworkers opt to leave at 5pm, and someone has to stay and cover the phones. Not that anyone in their right mind would call my work after 5pm on a friday knowing that the persons still stuck there are likely a bit surly. Wouldn't you be?

So, anyway... I went for an hour to run errands (pick up stuff at Target) and gas up Scarlett before the road trip tonight. As soon as I was walking out the hallway to get my truck, I completely had no idea what it was that I wanted to pick up at Target to begin with. I tried to make a mental list and didn't come up with hardly anything. Tried to access previous mental list and realized it had been deleted. This is what I get for not putting it in my palm. sheesh. I blame my co-workers for telling me to walk in a wavy line to make it harder for the snipers to pick me off as I go to and from the store. Ha ha. They distracted my already full brain. So, by the time I get to Target, I can't remember a thing. I get distracted by the halloween clothes at the entrance. I grabbed a few other random things, but I could have sworn that I had a list of stuff to get for this weekend and nothing I got was critical. sigh, oh well...

I also keep forgetting to check my oil. I get it changed like clockwork every 3K miles, so should be no problem, just a good habit to get into. But one of the problems is that when I take it to Jiffy Lube they put when you need to come back to get the oil changed. That's handy. Sadly, Alan's little non-english speaking, but conveniently located, mechanic puts the done on mileage and let's you add 3 to the 1000 place. It's hard to remember which is which. I think I still have another 1K or so to go before it needs doing again. Which is good with road trip tonight.

Sad sad, no Chris this weekend. We do still get the joy of the Bera's company, but no Chris. pooh. Sad clown face...

I have directions to Tom and Dan's printed out and in palm. I have directions to UofA site printed out and in Acorn, (i hope). Really counting on Tom giving us a better route than what I come up with. We shall see.

Actually went to Last Chance last night. It was small (Laura and Tara) but fun just the same. Hadn't seen Tara in a while, so good to check in with her periodically. I was really sleepy and didn't want to go at first, but felt drawn to. We got home by 11 since it was a light night, and I made it to be by midnight. I had to pause to count out buttons for P, and make a little last minute pouch to put them in. It's pretty sad when you make a pouch out of scraps to hold buttons instead of using a sandwich bag, since you are low on sandwich bags. Pitiful really. I guess I could have stringed them up on a random piece of cotton floss, but the scraps are in P's colors. Couldn't resist. Only took fairly short amount of time anyway. Didn't even bother to change the thread color on the machine.

So, freaky thing I did today, I pre-packed this morning before coming to work. I always plan to pre-pack, but I invariably sleep late on Fridays and just don't get around to it. Well today I did. I actually almost have all my mundane clothes packed, and most of my garb, and even started on my basket of goodies, whether they be stuff to do or a place to keep notes. Now I just have to pack a few remaining things, double G63 to show Mama K, weaving stuff to play with Bera, drug bag, and empty the box of holding out of the truck. I don't even know what I keep in there anymore. My boxes of holding for my vehicles get bigger with each vehicle and yet I use them less and less. Sometimes even I don't understand me, baby.

I so long for a nap...

Mad Props to the HoneyPot for chopping off and donating her hair to Locks of Love. Had a lunch with my female co-workers on Tuesday. It was quite lovely, but they were picking on me for my hair being so long again. It has only been just a month shy of 2 years since I chopped off my hair last time and sent it off to LoL. It has almost grown back which is very inspiring. I do need to get a trim soon. Would do the locks some good. I'm not quite ready to shear and donate again, the selfish part of me that actually wants to play with and enjoy my long hair is taking over first. But the next time I do get sick of it, I'll know what to do. I heard on the radio the other day that they were cutting the PR guy's hair for the same reason.

Ah, well, I have finally wasted enough time, yours and mine.

Have a fun weekend!

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