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yo de lay hee hoo!
2002-10-03 - 4:10 p.m.

Stupid Gen Trick #204

Step One: Do not pay attention to manners and ask to see Manager's new bridesmaid dress she has been talking about lately.

Step Two: While paying close attention to the detail at the waist, rotate dress on the nice swivel hanger provided to see the front.

Step Three: Ignore than while the dress is sleevless the bag over dress is blessed with pointy shoulders and poke yourself in the eye with one of them.

See, very easy stupid gen trick to perform. And while the poke will sting like an SOB, and your eye will tear up big time, no major harm will come to you in all likelihood. See, while you may be an idiot, your eye at least has some reflexes and shuts and blinks like mad to repair the damage your stupidity has done.


The play last night was very good, so I thought. Rather, it is not one of Shakespeare's best, but the actors and director did a great job with it. It was like Shakespeare, Sound of Music and Lilo and Stitch all rolled into one. It had yodelling and singing and dancing in the country, a broken dysfunctional family, death, birth, and a happy ending where everyone is reconciled. You laughed, you cried, you got angry and happy all in the same play. It was lacking Elvis, but did have silly hats, a Liberace candleabra, sheep!, a bear mauling, flowers, a rolling hills stage, a piano that retracted into the stage, and that great old man playing Time and various other rolls. I had a great time, if I had sat near an ailse, I would have been rolling in it... Wait, that didn't sounds right, but you get my gist. On the otherhand, I think Kymber twitched the entire time. I think the mirrored walls made her dread there would be ABBA involved. In that case Rags would have been dancing in the ailse. Or perhaps just cabbage-patching in his seat. I hope Quentin was not scarred too badly.

I had so much more to add, but nothing seems to be coming to me right now. I am rather looking forward to UofA this weekend. I'm driving down with the Angel of Death and her trusty sidekick, Bob. We will be staying with Tom and Dan, as well as Chris and Tracie (I think) which should be lots of fun. I've signed up to take a bunch of classes from Late Period Cotes and Cloaks to Spiff Table settings and Renaissance Glassware. Love University, it is one of my most favorite events. I've only missed one so far in the SCA career, and that was the one held the weekend before my wedding. I think I had a good excuse.

So, since I have nothing better to contribute:

  1. Living arrangement?
    house, love the new house, spacious, and Alan's and my own little heaven.
  2. What book are you reading now?
    Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis. Book 4 of the Narnia Chronicles. And randomly flipping through Ancient Danish Textiles and Tres Riches Heures...
  3. On your mouse pad?
    dust, it's blue okay...
  4. Favorite Board Game?
    Haven't played on in a while, still haven't tried out my new Harry Potter board game yet. Clue and Monopoly are fun.
  5. Favorite Magazine?
    Home Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.
  6. Favorite Smells?
    Fresh baked cookies, woodsmoke fire, cinnamon
  7. Least Favorite Smells?
    fresh cut grass, dusty musty moldy, any strong perfume, creamed chipped beef. For some reason the smell of the chipped beef here at work makes my stomach turn.
  8. Favorite Sound?
    The crack of thunder, the sound of rain on roof tops, the squeal of delight.
  9. Worst Feeling in the world?
    That quick panic when I think I've seriously screwed up something.
  10. The first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
    ugh, you want me to think in the morning? Are you insane?
  11. Favorite Color?
    really tough to pick just one. Black goes with everything, green and blues are classic, occasionally I need red in my world, gold works for decorating in our living room, I have a ton of pink fabric that begs to be made into something... one color?
  12. Favorite song?
    I could no sooner pick a favorite star in the heavens. But Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting does come to mind.
  13. How many rings before you answer the phone?
    one if by land, two if by sea... I mean one if at work, two if at home, or the caller ID doesn't know them, then fuck 'em!
  14. Future child's name?
    no future children planned, but I wanted my sister to name my second niece Faith Constance (redundant much?) and I would love to have a dog named Stitch.
  15. What is most important in life?
    I'll tell you when I'm done living it. Right now I'd say laughter and friends.
  16. Favorite Foods?
    anything that is good with BBQ sauce, cheesecake, right now- oatmeal and raisin cookies
  17. Chocolate or Vanilla?
    Chocolate of course.
  18. Like to drive fast?
    I make a very subtle distinction. I like to accelerate fast. I like to get up to speed faster than the other smucks out there on my road. It helps to get in front and away from them all. I don't like to speed much above 75-80, but accelerating from a standing point or merging real fast does occasionally get my blood pumping.
  19. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
    No, you can't tell this quiz is aimed at girls... um, no longer, I sleep with a real animal. ;) The stuffed animals protect my area at work.
  20. Storms- Cool or scary?
    Given my favorite sounds, good thunder and lighting storms are beyond cool. It's mother nature flexing her muscles. She's saying "Build your high rises and levies but I can still kick butt."
  21. What type was your first car?
    1983 Buick Skylark I shared with my older sister. It was beige. But despite it's oil leak, it was way faster than my friends' Geo Metro or Suzuki Swift.
  22. If you could meet one person dead or alive, who?
    Elizabeth I, I bet she was a riot. Or my great grandmother Matilda Lee.
  23. Favorite drink?
    Ace Pear Cider, yummm, especially on tap.
  24. Zodiac Sign?
    Western-Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. Eastern- year of the Rabbit.
  25. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
    sure, especially if covered in STC.
  26. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?
    Can't decide which is why I am where I am. Aerobics instructor, I'd be guaranteed to work out. Book Store clerk, I'd read more. At a fabrics store, feed my habit. I think I'd like to be a philanthropist so I could give away money and help others, but still live well.
  27. If you could dye your hair any color?
    I can dye my hair any color, but it rarely looks good outside of the ash blonde/brown territory. Sometimes I think bleach blonde like Marilyn, or black, or red, or hell, simple highlights. Purple or blue could be cool too, for a while, but then the novelty fades with the color.
  28. Ever been in love?
    Of course, but it hasn't always made sense at the time. Now, in love more than ever thanks to Alan.
  29. Is the glass half empty or half full?
    Depends. In traffic-half empty. Going to get the mail-half full. Mostly optimistic, part of my so-perky-you-want-to-kill-me charm.
  30. Favorite Movie?
    Right now Lilo and Stitch, or Legally Blonde in the sewing room.
  31. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?
    I guess so. If I think about it I inevitibly screw up, but otherwise I can just let my fingers fly...
  32. What's under your bed?
    Alan's shoes, carpet, floor, then ceiling of family room, ceiling fan of FR, brown couch, berber carpet, concrete slab of foundation, then likely dirt and bugs...
  33. Favorite Number
    11:22 or 9:11, well those are the numbers I always see when I glace at the clock. That and 5:55
  34. Favorite Sport to watch?
    Pennsic shopping

Now for your non sequitor of the day: I need to go procure a red sharpie...

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