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little black braces of happiness
2002-09-27 - 4:32 p.m.

Well, the one good thing about the wrists flaring up again is that it gave me a good excuse to get off my butt and get new wrist braces. The ones that CVS has in their section just don't cut it. So, I scoped out this Medical Supply place near the old house (y'know, oh so far away.) and went to visit them last night after taking off a bit early from work. So, I am the proud owner of two new black supportive uber-wrist braces. They are not perfect, but they are better, and at least something supportive to sleep in when I need them.

The other good thing was that by buying these, and looking through the literature that came with them I found a picture, description and model number for my old wrists braces. Now those were the bomb. I went with mom to go buy them many years ago, and she knew the lady in the store so it was a relatively painless experience. (aside from the pain which is why you have to buy them in the first place.) So, I really missed my old wrist braces, but was certain that replacing them would not be easy, so I had been putting it off for a good long time. Why would I need to replace them you ask? Well, see, a few years ago, I lost them. As best as I can figure I accidentally left them at my sisters' house-that-the-vacuum-cleaner-forgot, and perhaps the dog ate them or something. They've rearranged the furniture down there and they never turned up, so they have just dissappeared. And since I have been in relatively good health, I haven't really needed them until recently.

You know, it is uncanny how artistic/productive inspiration hits me at the times when I can't do a damn thing about it. Want to sew? Sorry, your fabric is packed up for the move. Want to weave? Wrists unwilling to accommodate you. Want to finger weave? Pick one, sore wrists, or not the right kind of string on hand. Want to draw? Forget paper and get stuck in a meeting. Want to write a diary entry? Dial-up from home is painfully slow. Want to be productive? You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.... Life can be such a little pain in the ass bitch sometimes.

But, last night was very pleasant. After I purchased new wrist braces, I went home and napped until 7pm. It was shortly after Alan woke me that Grace pulled up. (caveat: Grace, as in Mistress Grace Gamble- not, I repeat- not a baby sighting.) We had a great time showing her the new house, sitting around chatting, and eating delivery sushi, etc. I still have two little crab rangoons at home. Hadn't had a time to catch up with her in what seemed like forever, so it was wonderful to see her again. And this was outside of a drive-by Pennsicing for her, or a busy wedding for me. I did miss all the TV I might have drooled on myself over, which is really all for the best.

This weekend Kirsten is up visiting. Round two of the great chair making project rears its head. This time a couple of chairs for Shane and Gina and a couple for Mel. And Alan and Kirsten get to document the procedure for a future article at some point. Sorry for all of those who had hoped to get in on the next round, Alan and Kirsten are in charge of the chairs, I'm not the duck fucker. :) So, maybe there will be a round 3. Or, maybe, just maybe, some of you will have to wait for the article and be test cases for how good the instructions are.

bright side, there is always a bright side.

And hopefully this weekend i will be recovered enough to be productive in the sewing room. There is a banner to complete, many projects in the box of holding, a few I'd like to get started on but will hopefully be able to resist until I finish a few projects first. This is of course assuming the body accomodates. Otherwise I might just sit in front of the TV and drool on myself while watching decorating or home improvement shows. Or read. I could stand some good quality time with a book in my future.

So, there you have it guys. Hope you weekend is eventful. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Grace kindly brought me a gift (for letting her stay at our place, not that she could't anytime, and leaving aside that Alan was the one she talked to...) and it is faboo! She got it at one of the stores on Cary St. in Richmond, and it is a beaded necklace of purple and teal, with a blown glass pendant all swirly and cool. It is not only art, and jewelry, but a toy! It has strings of beads coming out from the bottom of the pendant, so it kind of looks like Octi, and kinda like the sentinals from the matrix, and other multi-legged creatures in this world. I tell you it is wonderful, multi-purpose and all. Right now, since I have the sense not to wear it with stripes, it is hanging on the white lampshade on my nightstand and it is being art. :) Thank you!!!

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