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lucky girl
2002-09-10 - 4:20 p.m.

Alan is so wonderful... I am such a lucky girl! Wanna know what he did this time? Of course you don't but I'm gonna tell you anyway...

First, he's taking Scarlett in to get her oil changed. With the hustle and crapfest of last week, I didn't notice she was close and this weekend put her 500 miles beyond needing her oil changed. Lucky for me she's not too fussy.

Second, last night he installed a hook in the ceiling of my sewing room so I could do spoon tossing/interlocking/making a viking whipcord in my sewing room, either with help or by myself. Yes, after he found the ceiling joist and put it in place, I played with string in my sewing room a couple of times. I can now do the interlocking with some bobbin lace bobbins (really too light, but works in a pinch) all on my own! No more waiting for someone else to free up time in thier schedules for me. It did take a bit of futzing with to get the mentality right, but I made four cords of varying consistency last night, one wool, one linen, one cotton thread and one cotton yarn. And he has plans this weekend to bang out some heavier facetted bobbins for me to make whipcording all proper like. Thank you Margie Hald!!! (Costume geek reference, if you don't get it, don't worry your pretty little head over it.)

Then, while I was playing with string, Alan emptied the dishwasher, put away the feast gear, glued a broken piece off the feast gear box back on and cleaned up the few hand wash items of our cutlery and the horn cup. Isn't he faboo?!

And then he convinced me to take a chance and try a new art, classes I am looking forward too, if I can just get signed up!

sigh, isn't he dreamy?

So, Coronation... I had written up a nice list of good and bad, and then my computer caused Netscape to crash and I didn't take the initiative to write it in a seperate program first.. damn computers...

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