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weak week
2002-09-06 - 5:44 p.m.

I must start this entry with a qualifying statement, my week has on the whole been very busy and quite sucky, and *sniff* I have a headache...

Last Friday I took the day off to Alan and I could liesurely drive down to SSBB'day. We left a little later than we had originally planned, had lunch in Richmond with Kirsten, which was exceptionally pleasant for company, but the 2 hour lunch due to the most incompetent waitress in the world kinda stressed me out. Then he rest of the drive was shadowed by showers, often heavy. We didn't get to Gastonia to meet up with the Chris and Bera until 9pm, and my originaly estimated arrival time was dinner time. Then since we figured Kevin should be arriving soon we waited and waited and waited and then finally (since Chris had already had pizza) Alan, Bera and I went out to IHop at midnight for dinner. It was not what I had planned.

The good part about friday was listening to the Hobbit in the truck, fabulous lunch companions, and getting to just chill with the Tracie and Chris who I don't get to see nearly often enough. We stayed up chatting until 2am, and sleep finally took us.

Saturday loomed with more promised rain. Tracie, Alan and I drug our feet and didn't get to site until around noon. No MaryJo's fabric shopping for me. Probably all the best for the budget. The rain was pervasive, and while necessary, I prefer it not to rain on my holidays, thankyouverymuch. We set up a pop-up dayshade, and sit under it for a bit and eventually move inside to check out the A&S stuff and have good fun hanging out with other fine folks escaping the dampness. (Odd note: give me a regular dayshade that requires a hammer, stakes, and poles and I'm fine. But this pop-up and I were like a monkey and a typewriter.) The day ended fine, I changed into dry clothes for court and feast, had great company and good food. Cuan's pel was very cool. I didn't cry until it was Nia's turn, and she made me cry. "I saw him standing there with his hair glowing in the sunshine and I think I fell in love..." Mad props to the WSs for surprising Alejandro too. Rock on. When we dragged our wet butts back to C&T's, we proceeded to still stay up until 2am chatting more.

Sunday was a slow morning, that had us leave when Drea and Calli arrived. C&T's place can really only hold 5 folks, so it was time to switch out. That and we also had to hustle to Hickory to visit the sister, the nieces, etc. I had clothes for the girls to drop off and vain hopes of liberating an antique Art Deco dresser from my sister. We ended up staying for 4 hours, chatting, visiting, having lunch, showing off wedding pictures and all that. This means that we were driving late into the night and got home shortly after midnight.

Monday, I awoke to a cold that would not loosen it's grasp. I sent Alan on to help Katie move without me, and was relieved to find she had plenty of help. I slept for four more hours with the aid of cold meds. Eventually I got up and Alan got back and we ran some errands to include JoAnns for fabric for the beasts this weekend, and ended at the Craft-Mistress's place for felt and plaster strips and then Indian food for dinner.

Tuesday I was still sick, stayed home from work piteously, and slept and dazed in front of the TV and got started on some projects for Coronation and the Rapier Hunt. This basically continued all week. Three nights in a row staying up until 1am, sewing madly, with some help from Isobel and Theo, my crafy monkeys, and busy days at work so I didn't have the opportunity to even think of diaries... and then I had a flat tire when I got home last night so I spent valuable sewing time with Alan changing the tire, and then valuable work time today sitting in NTB for one tire, all four balanced, etc. Damn truck tires are expensive.

Now I am going home to pack up for Coronation, get on the road, and hopefully drift off to sleep as soon as Alan starts the truck's engine.

well now, wasn't that miserable?

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