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final stretch...
2002-08-02 - 2:28 p.m.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blonde...

Yesterday, I ate a packet of Peanut M&Ms that were lacking any greens. What an unlucky thing. Greens are the best. It was just weird.

Last night we packed all of our camp stuff into the Uhaul trailer at Rob and Wen's place. We completed the packing task in little over an hour, and that was with some hemming and hawwing... Ah, I like our camp, I really do. We worked as a nice smooth team, staging, loading, spotting, life was good. Then we went to Harry's for dinner. I gotta say, while renting a trailer and keeping it for two weeks is fairly expensive, it is so nice to have a professional smooth riding trailer. Oh my, the difference is amazing. Aside from backing up, which simply does not happen when trailer is on tail of truck, it is like the trailer is barely there. Uhaul trailers are the bomb. Everything is enclosed, watertight, fits nicely, no weight issues. Much better than the drama that was last year. Thank Gog!

And now Wen and I are synced on food lately. We go out to eat, we order the same thing. It's becoming a little disturbing, but kinda entertaining as well. I order a Bacon BBQ Burger, she orders a Bacon BBQ Burger. She orders water with lemon, I order water with lemon. And, no, we're not copying, we each individually decide it's what we want at the same time... :)

Our land grab team is currently en route. I believe their plan is to liesurely pack the remainder of their stuff, get on road for nice smooth drive, stop in Cranberry for hotel with room service (all about the decadence) and then head up to Land Grab on Saturday morn. Our plan is to pack tonight and get ready for a morning departure. Then Alan in the truck with trailer, and Thornbury, David and I in Earl caravan up to war. Think of the Land Grab team as the scouts and we're the calvary. Or something... We'll have the 6 other tents to set up to define the front of the camp, shower stuff and the like. We ambitiously want to have the showers up on Sunday. I ain't holding ma breath, now, but it's feasible. Then Sunday, Kev, David and I troop home, possibly taking the Kyna with us.

Mel called me at work yesterday. The first thing she said on the phone after "Hello" was, "you sound like you haven't had enough sleep." I swear, it was even on one of my better mornings. Apparently the lack of sleep catches up in my voice among other things. So, last night after packing and dinner, Alan and I head home and we crater relatively early. No sewing until 1am that night, I just crawled into bed, read a bit and then zonked and slept like the dead. It was heavenly. So I miss a night of productivity. Eh, who cares. Doublet and venetians will get done, or they won't. I did try them on Alan last night and marked them, just no sewing. The doublet looks nice. The venetians are interesting... not sure what I did wrong there, but will definately take a closer look at PoF before I make another pair. sigh... I guess they'll do for now.

Oh, and Laura would be so proud. I did my nails, sort of. I filed my nails back from If I set up tents with these they are destined to break to a more resonable pretty, but not in danger of breaking length. Then I used the lovely nail buffer again this morning, mostly the grey side since I wasn't sure how often I should do the whole regimen, so I just shined my nails. Thank you Laura for giving me a way to make may nails pretty, and strong, that does not involve nail polish that will take forever to dry and I would likely get on everything anyway... You rock! and I have shiney pretty nails that are Land Grab worthy and safe. :)

I need a nap.

Hope to see many of you at the great grabbing of land this weekend...

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