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2002-07-30 - 4:38 p.m.

I had a sushi eating, Fox 5 news watching, house cleaning, hair nails and make-up doing, picture taking, impromtu party throwing, delivery sushi ordering, light and air catching (on the 29/Randolph Rd intersection), Trading Spaces and Changing Rooms watching, sewing, kind of weekend. How's that for the quickest weekend update you are ever likely to get out of me?

Other than that I've been enjoying the wonder that is a dedicated sewing room. Worked on and fine tuned a doublet and venetian pattern for the Alan. Venetians are almost done, all but the buttons and button holes. I think I'll be lazy and figure out how to make machine done button holes on my machine, and suck up the lack of total correctness. Will make it wearable for Pennsic, as oppossed to a sewing project at Pennsic that might be done by the end of the war. I am going looking for buttons tonight, but just in case have ordered some various buttons from whom I have heard good things about. They should be here on friday, I hope, I hope. I just hope they are as good as they look online and I imagine, picturing 3D images flat sucks. I have hopes of a few things for myself, but nothing necessary, and knowing my slowness, I think I am doomed to nothing new. Eh, I'll certainly live.

So that's about it, basic last minute sewing, calming and helping the camp steward who's life is filled with too much drama. But we will get to Pennsic, we will get the spot of land we need, everything will be fine and come off without a hitch. I have faith.

Cause you gotta have faith, faith, faith...

Wish I could help out other people's drama, but I'm too slow to be useful. Hand sewing on drive to Land Grab could be good. That's at least 4 hours of productivity on the way there, and more on the way back if I make one of the boys drive. :)

Warning, the Cheeptrims site is dangerous for trim junkies. Luckily I'm not one, but I could easily be corrupted. But they also have buttons, boning, cords, frogs (not the ribbit kind), ribbons, twill tape and other yumminess. And the cutomer service line is great. I've already talked to Adam and Elizabeth there... more $ down the drain...

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