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shades of rain
2002-07-26 - 12:39 p.m.

Blue and Grey, those are the colors I'm wearing. Partly just because it is what I pulled out of the closet. Partly to celebrate the well needed and wonderful rain. Even if the lovely rain does make folks drive like complete idiots. I walked slowly from the parking garage to the building, relishing the lovely rain falling on my upturned face. Makes me want to go stomp in puddles, big splash. Of course then my pants legs would be wet and I'd have to sit in the cold office freezing, likely to die of pnemonia. Maybe the sun had come out? Oh for the new office space with windows...

So, congrats to Lady Violante of Roxbury Mill, who gave birth to her daughter, 21", 10 lb 8 oz Jessica Kathryn King. Kadlin was a bit miffed that her record was broken by one ounce. Little Katie was 10 lb 7 ozs. :) I'm sure little Jessica is a complete doll, and I bet mom is glad to have her out in the world. Miguel is a silly with lack of sleep but no doubt good father. And now Chelsea has a sister. Big fat w00t to them all.

okay, not much else to say. I'm working in the dreaded Microsoft Visio on the camp maps. Just had to restart the PC since Visio is a power hungry memory sucking program and was messing up my Netscape. le sigh.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I finished up the last cushion for the chairs, so now I get to focus my efforts on last minute garb for war. We'll see how much of that gets done. Vic and Harv are coming up this weekend for a photography exhibit and so she can take my bridal portrait. I hope the weather holds and gives us part sun to work with, and no completely damp fields. It'll be lovely, I just know it will. And I get to do the fun dress up thing again too. :) Alan with become a sanding staining monkey on saturday to finish our chairs for Pennsic. They will be even more gorgeous, I just know it.

Anyway, this Map Monkey is outta here to give more of my soul to Visio...

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