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on the road again
2002-07-11 - 11:35 a.m.

Alan and I switched trucks this morning. I gave him Scarlett with a full tank of gas, he gave me Rhett with a full tank of gas. Now that's love baby!

I was actually up half an hour early this morning. And in that extra half hour, I brought all the stuff up from the basement I'll need this weekend and staged it in the living room, packed my bag of mundanes, drugs and shower stuff, packed my pillow, sheets, towel and a blanket, and even tidied up the guest room a bit for Kirsten to use this weekend. I was on a roll baby. All I gotta do when I get home is to pack the cooler, pack my garb, accessories and toys from saturday, strap the poles to the roof rack and I'm golden. Now I just know something is bound to delay me. Murphy's Law. But it's nice to think I'm ahead of the game at least once. :)

Yes, I have a marathon weekend coming up. To be exact is starts at 1pm today when I take off early from work. I'm packing the truck and heading down to Conover, NC to visit my older sister, my cute nieces, and my generous brother in law. I should arrive by midnight tonight, if I'm lucky and good. Then tomorrow is spent hanging out with the family, harrassing the family dog, playing with nieces, and then furniture scoping. See, my parents have a storage unit near my sister with some furniture that they are tired of storing. I figure I'll go and see what I can see, and what I want to bring back. Since I'll be near Hickory, there is always the chance of other random furniture being thrown my way that I'll be very grateful for. Should prove fun whatever I find. And if it doesn't fit in Rhett on the way back, I can rent a Uhaul trailer, hitch and ball on truck floorboard. Then I will leave insanely early on Saturday morning to head to Assessment to support my home Barony of Black Diamond. This should be fun, I have my little tent to set up and nominal amount of stuff, and a cooler of munchies. Gotta remember to pack the OFF! though. Gen don't need bug bites... Then after a fun day at the event I'll spend the night with my squire brother, Edwin, and then head on home Sunday morning to see my sweetie. Should be fun and productive. Lots of time on the road though. I packed my CD case full, but need to find my Harry Potter books on CD just in case. They are great for long rides.

Last night was the play, and it was quite lovely. I really enjoyed it, and we got two mini breaks instead of one intermission. It was a long play but very fast paced and with the two intermissions it seemed to fly by. Often the foppery and deviousness of the Southern wanna be aristocrats was quite funny, and often quite sad. Elizabeth Ashley was fabulous as Regina, although she has put on a few extra pounds since we last saw her in Sweet Bird of Youth. But then again, haven't we all...

And so, I must wrap up to get out of here in time and finish up my work. Hope to see some of you at Assessment!

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