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2002-07-10 - 2:57 p.m.

Shane says he hates it when I wear heels, it makes me taller than him. heh heh heh

If you're quick you have realized that tonight is play night. Yay Theater! Culture! Something other than the SCA, for 6 nights a year. Imagine my disappointment to hear that a play entitled The Little Foxes has nothing to do with baby foxes at all. pout. cute little baby foxes. yip yip. Instead it is about back stabbing southern siblings. Reviews sound intriguing, if a long play. Should be fun though. Alan had a rough night on call, had to go into office, only 3 hours of sleep, so he gave up his ticket in order to get to bed early tonight. Snoring in the fifth row is generally considered rude in the theater crowd. Also, Mel is in North Dakota and Patrick is lost, to the best of my knowledge, so instead of those three, we get Shane, Gina, and Lauren. The kid says she interested in theater, so let's put it to the test.

Being a play night means leaving work early to grab something resembling dinner for 5, which means due to a late breakfast, and an early dinner, I am having my vending machine lunch. Mmmm.... animal crackers and diet coke, breakfast of champions. Er, lunch of champions. I hope to be able to swing by Boston Market at the least, sadly no Chicken Out nearby, or Outback Takeaway for that matter.

Okay, so mini rant here. I have three main co-workers and lovely manager. Actually all of my coworkers are lovely. But see, one of them works random training sessions on the weekends, so it is set in the schedule that he takes a half days on Wednesdays. It's fair, gives him more time with his kids that he misses on some weekends, and more importantly, always on the schedule. So, I have another coworker who, when he is here, is dynamite. He's great at the job, everything, but often "sick". The sad and disturbing trend is for him to be sick on Wed, which as already mentioned is allocated to other coworker for his half day. He's been told that if he's gonna be sick, don't be sick on Wed. heck, there have been many wednesdays that I have woken up sick, ugh, not wanting to go into work and I realize, "It's Wed, I gotta go." sigh. So, guess who called in sick today? Which is only really imporatant because due to play I have to leave early, lovely manager is out, and other coworker on half day leaves one to cover the phones and email for the last hour. Luckily we were able to con our student worker to stay til 6pm to help out. It all works out in the end.

Back to me. Last night I went to the grocery store and laid in some supplies, and then unloaded the loot at home while pausing for dinner of sushi and Ground Force/Changing Rooms.

non sequitor: found an already beheaded owl in my animal crackers...

After dinner, I then pick up the curtains to return and head out to Target amid the thunderstorm. It was lovely. Despite the danger, I love thunder and lightning storms. I also love the automatic all wheel drive on my explorer. Go Scarlett, go! So I head out in the storm, stomping in the occasional puddle on the way from the parking lot to the customer service desk. I return said curtains, get new curtains in different shade that actually goes in bedroom, new curtain rod for bedroom, and a cheap CD player boom box for the sewing room. My CD player on my current box is just spinning it's wheels like a hamster, never picking up the tune. Quite irritating. But then again, said old CD player has survived my time in high School, all of College with multiple moves, and so far 4 years on the outside. By my calculations, that makes my CD player over 8 years old and time for retirement at this stage. Besides, I found a cute little one for under $30, which is smaller and perfect for being atop my 13" TV/VCR. It's like this one only without the Hello Kitty theme. Take Note Genie, one can overdose on Hello Kitty at Target. Now, if it had been PPG theme, I would have snapped it up in an instant.

When I got home, I went to putting more stuff away, and started installing the new curtain rod in the master bedroom. Now, I have to clarify here that Gen is a tool user, but primarily a simple tool user. Hammers, nails, saws, screwdrivers (not the drink, but now you mention it, that does sound nice) are my tools of trade. I had never, that I can remember used a power tool. I'm a good helper, like a sous chef, but different. When Wen and I made those dayshade poles, that got lost, she did the table sawing and drilling, and I did the sanding, nailing, filing, painting. It was a lovely arrangement. But when I got home I looked at the screws and holes they gave me for these curtain rod holders, and there was no way around it, I'd have to use the power drill/screwdriver. First I held up the curtains and the rod to make sure I liked it. No sense in going through the rigamarole and it being ugly. Then I fetched Alan's drill, which blissfully still had the phillips head screw driver bit in it, and the extension cord. I manage, after taking some time to get used to the tool, to get the three rod supports installed just fine. I finished up just in time for Alan to come home and bless the installation. He even applauded my not using a second screw on the middle bracket so as not to risk splitting the trim. It looked great, lovely, and the new curtains do a pretty darn good job of matching the bedspread, which is phenominal since one is KMart and the other is Target. And the new curtains blocked the evil morning sun a bit better this am. Whoohoo! Of course after putting the tools away, and showing Alan my new cute little boombox, I was too tired and not enough time and energy to tackle the garb closet org system. So, it goes unfinished and put on the To-Do-Later list.

Did I mention I love my new black linen pants from Old Navy? Yes, that's it, just for added torture, I'm wearing heels, and slacks. :D

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