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relax, don't do it...
2002-07-08 - 4:51 p.m.

nice long relaxing weekend...

let me 'splain... no take too long, let me sum up...

The Fabulous Fourth was spent down in Arvonia. Steaks on the grill, philosophy and relativism talk, sipping wine or cider on the back deck, mini retreats inside for A/C and refill of drinks, reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in the shade. Bob as Master of Ceremonies for the fireworks, some lame, some kewl, and then Mother Nature threw in some heat lighting just to show she can't be out done. Star gazing in the pitch black country night, quiet time even surrounded by friends, flag sundress, peaceful nights sleep, afternoon nap, stomping through the woods on adventure, minor briar scratches to prove you've been there, finger weaving in the kitchen, admiring Bob's new period style turned stool, more stargazing and friendly chatting with Heather. Good, clean (?), country living. :D

Saturday was breakfast with Bloody Marys, friends around the kitchen table, peaceful drive home, Alien Stitch toy in a Happy Meal to make it happy indeed, unpacking truck and Alan working while Gen naps, then run off to meet fellow Puffs, Blossom and long lost Buttercup, and Gina and Katie for the PPG movie, which was excellent by the way, browsing Books-A-Million a bit and picking up the Magician's Nephew which I still have yet to start, dinner with friends, staying up til amost 2 am working on a new doublet pattern for Alan, getting to bed far too late.

Sunday was waking up too early, getting a move on projects, sewing forgotten, trip to Target and Homie's, acquire and assemble; new curtains and rods for guest room, closet org system for guest room and garb closet, new console table for foyer, garage org system that Alan handled, helping Theo and Roland with trial set-up of new tent (cause only a fool would buy a new tent and set it up the first time at a war...), lounge about in the created inertia zone under tent in back yard, discuss layout options, take down, pack up nice and neat, retreat to A/C and cool drinks inside and a showing of the wedding pics, then dinner at Hardtimes, and chair discussion. I remembered to so laundry at 10:30pm, was up to 1:30am working on laundry due to dire need for clean undies, and watching The Bachelor and first half of Pretty in Pink on TNT.

Woke up far too early this morning, earlier caffiene jump start than normal, grumble grumble, realized Alan and I have been married one month now, love the Alan dearly, sigh, lived in house two months, and already feels like home. I like home. Comfy, relaxing, space but not too large, slowly coming together. Home sweet Home.

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