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she's an all american girl...
2002-07-03 - 4:56 p.m.

so, here I sit, ready for another holiday, a break from the work realm, more time at home, more time with my sweetie, more time to celebrate what is truly great about America. You may work your butt off, but you get fun days like these in the summer to celebrate your independance. Celebrate that you can choose your job, choose your wardrobe, choose your hairstyle, your beliefs, whether or not to have a family, you have the choice.

And yes, in prep for tomorrow, I am a red, white and blue girl. I'm wearing my blue denim overalls, my old navy flag tank top, and my hair in braids with red and white rubberbands holding them in place. tee hee hee. I even greased the wheels of commerce with lunch at McD's and changing the oil in my American Ford truck! How cool am I?

okay, not very, I'm a little geek girl, but still, I try...

Went and saw Lilo and Stitch with Theo last night. I had to run out during the movie to grab a few napkins, cause I knew the tears would flow a little. She said it was the best thing to come out of Disney since Beauty and the Beast, one of my all time favorites. Afterwards we met up with the post-practice dinner crew and had a few laughs. Laura got me an Elvis Stitch toy from a McD's happy meal. Excellent. He's so cute! Hotgluing him to Scarlett's dashboard might be going a bit too far. But buying the soudtrack, not so crazy. Nice mix of traditional hawaiian music and Elvis. :D

This year for the 4th of July we are escaping the big city and running away to the country. Nope, we're not paranoid about beng near DC on such a wonderful celebration. We just want to get away. We're heading down to the Arvonia property for a few days in the country with Angel of Death and company. We'll be back in time to hopefully get stuff accomplished this weekend around the house, but still get away from it all for a bit. I plan to pack a few books, the lucet and thread, the futon, an oscillating fan, plenty of allergy drugs, some beer to keep the boys stocked, maybe some cider for Is and myself and meat to toss on the grill. It'll be like a non-SCA campout, like a slumber party.

Then Alan and I will skip the Armada and come back in town to maybe move the fish tank (if Alan can find a willing victim, er, help...) and maybe clean the house, and help Wen and Rob set up new tent in our backyard, and sleep in our own bed. I'll also have to take the time to go see the new PPG movie that comes out today with my fellow Puffs. I could go see it tonight, but really, I must wait for Mel to come back in town from North Dakota. Can't go without her. So, hopefully on Saturday or Sunday Theo, Mel, little Katie and I will go revel in the cartoon glory that is the Powerpuff Girls Movie! Muwhahahahaha! Fear us, run and scream from so much cuteness in one area! Don't forget Octi!

Well, that entry is long enough. Tonight is a visit to the chiropractor, off to test office chairs at Staples for comfiness, and then pick up our wedding pictures from the photographer. I can't wait to get a look at them. And with that, y'all take care now, y'hear?

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