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Ahhhh... ohana!
2002-07-02 - 3:59 p.m.

Yeah, um, so I had a nice relaxing fun weekend. Probably the most fun I've had in a while that didn't involve hotel fees! Not that kind of fun you sickos! I meant like New Orleans and Williamsburg and the like. sigh. Started off nice, ended up nice, with only a little rockiness in the middle.

So, Friday night Alan and I met at the storage unit and retrieved the last of our stuff, including the canvas for our main tent. Now, it was a decent use of space to store the canvas in the cedar box in the storage unit, but moving the box while it was still full of canvas was a poor decision. Thank god Alan is strong, and I was just strong enough to lift it and hold my end so he could steady his end and rescue me. Wisely we emptied out the tent top before moving to the basement. We have finally got all our stuff in one place, and are finally done with the storage unit. 5 months, just under $600 to store our stuff. I'll be glad to get that $ back each month. Yay for new big basement! After the loading and unloading we flopped in the family room and beached big time with BBC America and other nonsense TV. Father Ted episodes and what not. Funny stuff. Our lethargy overtaking us, we ordered a pizza and sat on the floor eating it. Yum! Then we retired fairly early after our exertions and anticipated Saturday gambit.

Saturday, Alan got up early (for me anyways) and went about his morning routine and packing the truck for the event. He got on the road by 9 and at the site by 9:35. With a 9:30 start time, he did pretty good. I would have slowed him down immensely.

Yes, there was a local SCA event and I skipped it. I felt no guilt in sleeping in later, taking a slow breakfast filled with Ground Force and Changing Rooms, taking a nice long shower and spending half an hour braiding my hair afterwards... All these things I did relishing my time not in the heat of the event. :) After my shower I curled up on the black couch and read more in the Princess Bride before bucking up and popping Lady Jane in the VCR and getting to work on organizing and cleaning out the sewing room. I attached the handles to the cutting table, I emptied 6 boxes of sewing stuff into the cabinets and tall chest, I condensed and made the place almost worthy and ready to sit and sew in. I am however missing one crucial key to starting using the new sewing room. A chair with wheels. See, beforehand I had used a dining room chair since I was using the dining room table. I guess I could pull up one of my folding samsonite chairs for a bit, but not a good permanent solution. So, my latest quest is for an office or like chair for the sewing room, but more on that later. I have done almost everything I can in the sewing room, finished watching the movie and then decide I need a break. So I flop on the bed for more time with Westley and Buttercup. After a bit of reading, I fall asleep, still without guilt, happy and snuggled in and take a nice nap until Quentin calls and wakes me up.

Saturday night there was a vague plan to go to Fell's Point. That's pretty much all I knew. So, after a call of "We're at dinner, are you joining us?" a plan I had not been aprised of, I decline and wait for Alan. We have a couple of sandwiches before heading up to Bob n Laura's to convene before attacking the inner harbor. I must say that she looked lovely in a vintage 40s black dress, extremely cool pink with black polka dots shoes, and her makeup impeccably done. Since someone told me they were dressing casual, I wore shortalls. Coordination was not the word of the evening. After we get to Fell's point we have a nice drink in the Admiral Fell's Inn, and then decide to attack other bars. Needless to say we were disjointed and not quite in the mood for the other crowded loud bars the point had to offer. After a pitifully short amount of time there, we boogie on back to Bob 'n Laura's place for more laid back drinking and hanging out until time to crash. We had the problem that evening of Courtney being on drugs that she shouldn't drink with, me being on-call so no getting drunk for me, and such. Needless to say, Fell's Point was not the place for the type of evening we were in the mood for, which is a great pity. Ah well. Afterwards we had a grand time involving wigs of different colors, more cosmopolitans, and fun conversation to end the evening on a high note. Got home and in bed by 2:30am, thankfully.

Sunday began with brunch at Ram's Head Tavern. I gotta say, their food is mostly good, and the normal menu items are often the bomb, but this time I got the crab, mozerella and spinach omelette and it was bland with a capital BLA. Sigh. Need to find another brunch place, try out Clyde's with a small group of folks. I, for once, dressed very much like a girl on sunday. Wore a black daisy sundress, had my nails painted by Laura the night before, even wore some make-up and jewelry. It was shocking, and kinda fun for once. Post-brunch, Is and I meander out to go shopping in the Courtyard Garden shop, and an antique place before running off to see Lilo and Stitch in the theater.

I gotta say that Lilo and Stitch is the bomb baby. Go see this movie. You'll laught and cry. It has aliens and Elvis and surfing and destruction. It's perfect. I'm getting it on DVD when it comes out. Heck, might even go see it again tonight. Go revel in the glory and cuteness that is Stitch. You forgot ..and fluffy!.. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten.

Afterwards Is drove me home and stayed for a few glasses of wine while we poked fun at a half naked Alan installing a lovely ceiling fan in the bedroom. And it works! Then he took the light fixture from the bedroom, which was lovely only missing the fan part, and installed in in the foyer, removing the ugly tulipy monstrosity that was there prior. Yay Alan! Then we sat around discussing life, the world and everything, frustrations. I had the urge while Is was laying on the black couch to say, "And how does that make you feel?..." in the most fun condescending psychiatrist tone I could muster. tee hee. Later on we completed the evening by dragging Wen and Rob to Casa del Mellin for lovely chinese take out and more social time in small groups and some spoon tossing and Elvis impersonations, and all was well with the world.

See, relaxing. How cool is that?

Last night I meant to go to bed early, or at least before midnight, but I failed. See, I was kidnapped by these thugs, taken to a dark dungeon, tied to a truly comfy chair, and taken to the world of Inigo, Fezzik and the man in black. It was intoxicating. Everytime I tried to escape, I was pulled right back in. It was well after midnight before I crawled into bed. A happy reading machine...

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