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The Great Fong
2001-04-13 - 1:45 p.m.

Ah, Friday the 13th

So, my older sister had this crackhead english teacher in high school who was, well, we like to say she was "touched". She was a very obsure and crazy woman, but she did keep her students interested, so I guess it isn't all bad.

Anyway, I can't even remember her name right now, but this lady had this belief that on Friday the 13th you had to wear red so that the Great Fong would bless you. Now, you are all saying the great what? Not the Great Schlong or the Great Bong, but The Great Fong. See, her little story was that in ancient China, each great man had a dragon. The dragon was immortal and the man was obviously mortal, but the dragon lived on in his memory or something. Did I mention that this english teacher wasn't right in the head? So one day, many years ago, on a Friday the 13th, something happened and the Great Fong's dragon died. Since the dragons are supposed to be immortal and the men mortal, things were switched and the Great Fong became immortal to live on for his dragon, Lucky. Couldn't give the damn dragon a chinese name, that would make sense. Yeah, you knew it had to get stranger. Since Lucky was a red dragon, the Great Fong blesses those who wear red on Friday the 13th and to all others come bad luck. So this teacher was such a crack pot that she religiously wore red every Friday the 13th, and sometimes would shy away from those not wearing red on this day thinking that association would bring bad luck. This was odd behavior, even for a teacher. Well, my sister had this great friend in high school who was very interesting herself, but also had a cruel streak a mile wide. When she graduated from Middle School she took a big cube of post-it notes and wrote I'm Bad and stuck it all over a pissy teacher's classroom. I think that teacher had a mental breakdown after she found an I'm Bad note three years later. I know Laura-bo sent at least one other teacher to a mental hospital. So Laura-bo (the suffix is another story entirely) decided to play upon this squirrely teacher's superstition and somehow got on the PA for her classroom and started talking to her as the Great Fong telling her she was a good follower, etc. driving the other students wild with laughter as the teacher was wiggin' out and completely believing it all.

So, In honor of this crazy lady, gosh I wish I could remember her name, The Great Fong, and Lucky the dragon, Gen tries to wear some form of red on Friday the 13th. Red and black have always been stylish anyways, and today is no different. Remember to always wear red on Friday the 13th for luck instead of assuming bad luck will follow. :)

So, anyway, I didn't accomplish anything of worth last night. I went to the grocery store on my way home from work and picked up food, snacks and beverages. Needed to restock the house with beer. Then we watched B5 until 8 and I cut some Daffodils (herein referred to as 'fodils) for Kim's birthday. We didn't have a big present to get her, so I cut some lovely fragrant 'fodils from the yard, signed a blank card and we went over and visited Kim for about half an hour before heading out to last chance...
I must take this opportunity to thank one of the previous owners of our house for planting all of these 'fodils in the yard. I swear there are at least six or seven differnent kinds of 'fodils in the yard. White ones with a pale yellow center, pale yellow ones with streaks of white in the center, regular yellow ones with dark yellow/orange centers, antique 'fodils that are all ruffly, antique 'fodils that are ruffly with a normal petals in the back, thin little trumpet shaped fodils, and a few more. And they all smell lovely. Currently the house is full of three vases of fodils that all smell devinely. I have to pause by each one to take a deep breath of fodil goodness. Ah, nothing says spring quite like a nice light breeze to make the little fodil heads bob on thier stalk and waft the aroma of fodils in through your car window. That and the cherry trees in bloom. Wow, spring...
And I was also shocked tha Marcus did not scoul at me. I'm not sure why, but for the past year and a half, everytime I have seen Marcus and waved and said "Hi Marcus" the child has made a face like I just shoved a lemon in his mouth and made him bite down. I could swear he hated me. Yesterday he was all politeness and happiness and bounciness and he was really bugging the shit out of Papa, but he was so cute and showing all of his toys, and the hockey game was on and he had his Fischer Price hockey stick and puck on the hardwood floors. I was greatly amussed and pleased, but then again I don't have to put up with that ball of energy everyday either.

So, Alan and I went out to Last Chance last night and met up with the usual suspects and we had a grand ole time. Wayne spilt a beer on Tara when she walked in the room. Shane was testing all the bad pick-up lines, so I had to tell Gina to take him home. Jess was wearing a tank top with a butterfly on it so I was singing the "You're my butterfly, sugar, baby.." song in my head for the rest of the evening. We were even graced by the presence of Kelly and Os which was a rare treat. It was great to see eveyone and a good time was had by all.

This morning it was raining softly again. This made it nigh impossible to wake up since the sound of raindrops is sooo soothing I hit the snooze until 8am. Luckily I had taken my shower after Last Chance and before bed thanks to the allergens deposited on me by Ming the Merciless, one of Wayne's cats, so I wasn't late to work due to my sleeping in.

Tonight is dinner with Brian, Nancy-Ellen, Laura and Alan. This should be fun. Tomorrow is sort of nebulous in plans. So I imagine that sleeping in and maybe some sewing and a trip to costco if we are feeling adventurous. Then Sunday is Easter and we'll go hang out with the other deviants at Os and Kelly's. Sadly the tatoo parlor we want to visit is not open in Easter Sunday. I wonder why? :)

Have a peaceful weeked everone!

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